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OTT Platforms Self Regulation Code
Why The Indian Government And OTT Platforms Are At Odds Over The Self-Regulation Code

Government says that the new code must have the explicit list of prohibited and censored content.

Air Travel In 2021: Top 5 Most Luxurious Economy Class Cabins In The World
Air Travel In 2021: Top 5 Most Luxurious Economy Class Cabins In The World

Onboard luxurious facilities are not limited to first or business-class travelers: some of the world’s most renowned airlines provide luxurious facilities to their economy-class passengers

Good Tactics For Bad Times — The New Art Of Hiring Smart

Over the years, the art of hiring has undergone many shifts. But none has been as profound as 2020.

World’s Top 5 Must-Experience Business Class Airline Seats In 2021
5 Airlines Offering The Best Business Class Experiences In 2021 (Number 3 Is Our Favorite)

Business class is not only about a convertible seat, but it is also about comfortable sleeping surface, cabin configuration, scope for privacy and access to aisle.

9 Ways how Non-Essential Businesses Can Prepare for 2021
9 Ways Non-Essential Businesses Can Weather The Covid Storm Throughout 2021

Far from regaining any momentum, non-essential businesses in cities around the world are facing the prospect of shutting down again due to second waves of coronavirus outbreak.

The Rise of Greenko on the Indian Power Exchange
Greenko Is Giving Legacy Renewable Players Like Adani A Run For Their Money

In a span of just over a decade, Greenko has risen from strength to strength, rising steadily to the top of India’s Power Exchange.

Indian American Job Posting Trends
The Plight Of American Job Posters Is Similar To Their Indian Counterparts

When job postings fail to get back on track despite mega stimulus packages from governments, economic recovery in the short term won’t be easy and breezy.

Turning The Face And Future Of SME With OfBusiness

Asish Mohapatra is the co-founder and the head of sales at OfBusiness which is a technology-driven SME financing platform.

5 Tips to shut out post interview stress
5 Tips To Shut Out Post-Interview Stress In A Cut-Throat Job Market

Hunting for a job in a shrinking economy, an already daunting task, becomes even more mentally draining when hiring managers take ages to reply. Thankfully, a few good practices can help avoid post-interview anxiety and stress.

Manish Balani GST Expert Interview
Manish Balani — Your Go-To Guy For All Things ‘GST’

Manish Balani, Business Head GST, Vayana Network has been the “Face of LinkedIn in India” in the part. Having been a core part of growth for several organizations, big or small, over the past decade, Balani has developed an in-depth understanding of what makes aa product successful in India.