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Trump’s Hospitalization Stunned Markets But Many Experts See It As Good For Stocks`
Trump’s Hospitalization Stunned Markets But His Absence Is Not Terrible News For Investors

Stock Markets across US, Europe and Asia fell after the Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus. However, investors should not panic but learn from the virus bouts of UK’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.

Elon Musk's Future Plans Put Jeff Bezos' World's Richest Man Tag In Jeopardy
Elon Musk’s Rapid Rise On The Rich List Endangers Jeff Bezos’ Numero Uno Spot

A look at Elon Musk’s meteoric rise and how it compares to Jeff Bezos’ wealth accumulation.

Queen Elizabeth 's Brexit Investments deal
Boris Johnson’s Chaotic Brexit Is Forcing The Queen Into Damage-Control Investments

Boris Johnson’s Brexit is turning out to be a mixed bag for Queen Elizabeth – both emotionally and financially.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Walmart - Why Every US Giant's India Itinerary Ends At Mukesh Ambani's Durbar
Facebook, Google, Amazon, Walmart — Why Every US Giant’s India Itinerary Ends At Mukesh Ambani’s Durbar

Over the last few weeks, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail has managed to attract big-ticket investments from global IT giants like Facebook and Google. It is speculated to be holding talks with Amazon and Walmart. The global IT giants’ big-ticket investments are made as Reliance is all set to capitalize on a huge un-penetrated retail market in India. Starting from Qualcomm and Intel to Google and Facebook, the Jio platform has maintained to be valued above Rs 4.5 lakh crore.

Jobs Getting Hired COVID-19
COVID-19 Jobs Tracker: A To Z Of Getting Hired During The Pandemic

The wave of job cuts across the world due to the pandemic forces us to think of ways to survive and flourish during the crisis.

Relaunching business during COVID-19
Kickstarting Business During The Pandemic — How To Capitalize On Uncertainty

Before launching your business, make sure to check the demand for your products will be for the long-term. Contingent demand is likely to slow your business down in the long-term. Researching extensively about the market will help. Try putting your hands on relevant public or private data on your genre of business.

Huawei UK
5G Circus: Ericsson and Nokia May Be The Biggest Beneficiaries Of UK’s Huawei Ban

With rising sentiments against China, the United Kingdom has banned its mobile service providers from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31st December this year. They have been instructed to phase out Chinese 5G kits by 2027 completely.

Google India
As Tech Giants Underscore India’s Relevance, Google Outrivals Facebook And Amazon

Indian-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Monday his company’s plans to invest a sum of 10 Billion dollars in India

Asia Forex Mentor Program dkoding
Review Of Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program Trading Course: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

When we entered the online program, we were taken aback by the comprehensiveness of the program. It’s definitely not a course that you can buy and go through in only one sitting.

After Workforce Exodus In June, Dubai Witnesses A Lackluster Reopening In July

Images of thousands of migrant workerswalking miles on foot with their children to reach their native India expressed the real plight of the poor. However, little did anyone think about the international migrants- the people who have been working in the Middle East for years and enriching India’s remittance economy.