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R&M USA completes acquisition of Optimum Fiberoptics

The Swiss Cabling and Connectivity specialist R&M announced the acquisition of Elkridge based Optimum Fiberoptics Inc. in March this year.

Ravinder Takkar to replace outgoing Vodafone Idea CEO Balesh Sharma

Balesh Sharma steps down as CEO of Vodafone Idea; Ravinder Takkar to take over. Ravinder…

Facebook lied! It was listening to your private conversations

Facebook admitted that it had been employing third-party contractors to transcribe the audio messages that users exchanged on its Messenger app, following an investigation by Bloomberg.

CEO salaries have grown 278 times since 1978: Economic Policy Institute report

CEOs at the 350 largest companies now take home salaries that are 278 times higher than those of the average worker, according to the new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) analysis.

Sun Pharma looks to tame the dragon; ties up with China Medical Systems

Sun Pharma has entered into an exclusive licencing agreement with China Medical System Holdings (CMSH) to develop and commercialise seven generic products in Mainland China.

Cathay Pacific CEO resigns amid ripple effect of Hong Kong protests

Cathay Pacific’s Chief Executive Officer Rupert Hogg resigned on Friday amid mounting Chinese regulatory scrutiny of the Hong Kong’s flag carrier over the involvement of its employees in the city’s recent protests.

Is Elon Musk failing as a Boss?

Does it mean that Elon Musk cant say NO for an answer or is he as brutal on employees as he is on himself.

Cognizant on a future firing strategy

Marginal performers or employees who are sitting on bench for a long period of time may be targeted in the layoff process. Cognizant may lay off more, delays campus hires.

After digital payments success, Paytm eyes content market

Paytm, backed by global internet giants Alibaba and SoftBank, also has plans to start content, news, short videos, and live television on its app by September this year.

MS Dhoni turns angel ambassador for CARS24

CARS24 has announced a strategic partnership with MS Dhoni in a move to elevate and strengthen the brand, as per ET reports.

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