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Air India Privatization
Air India’s Future: Making A Case Against The Privatization Plan

After the Indian Government failed to attract buyers in 2018 for India’s one of the most ambitious privatization plans, it came with new and much simpler terms in 2020 to sell the debt-ridden Air India.

Muni International Interview Ashok thakur
Post-Pandemic Schooling: A Golden Opportunity To Radically Re-imagine The Whole Learning Experience

An ex-serviceman and an educator who changed the definition of schooling, Ashok Thakur, Founder, Muni International School has given hundreds of underprivileged children a shot at a better life over 30 years.

Pansari Group MD Shammi Agarwal
The Man Who Enabled Contactless Groceries For 100,000+ Households During The Lockdown

Pansari Group began its foray into the world of the grocery business in 1962 with a single shop aiming to serve people with the best quality products and a dream of creating our own identity.

Quantivier CEO Meghasyam Madineni
Optimism And Opportunity — Quantivier Digs In For The Long Haul

Quantivier, an organization with interests in shared mobility, business consulting, lifestyle, and philanthropy has refused to be bogged down despite being severely hit by the crisis.

Shark Tank Products
10 Shark Tank Ideas That Are Guaranteed Instant Hits In The Indian Market

There has been no dearth of unique product ideas in the highly-rated ABC series, Shark Tank. On-screen since 2009, it has witnessed businesses being set up from scratch and making it to the million-dollar club.

Netflix India
Netflix Has A Megaplan To Takeover African And Asian OTT Markets

The viewership of OTT platforms has recently skyrocketed as almost the entire world went into lockdown. The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift into how we watch. With the movie theatres closed, viewers across all the age groups are thronging to web platforms that were earlier believed to be a place for only youngsters.

MYSWA Ventures
MYSWA Cares For You! At A Profit If We Can, At A Loss If We Must

Founded by Rakesh Kukreja and Swati MohindruKukreja in 2017, with the vision to enrich lives, MYSWA Ventures Pvt Ltd was offers a wide-ranging product portfolio from healthcare to electronics

Pandemic Aftermath: Human Resources Evolution — Gurinderpal Singh
Pandemic Aftermath: Human Resources Evolution From Where It’s Been To Where It’s Going

he pandemic has brought forth an unprecedented unemployment crisis, consequently putting talent acquisition companies right at the center of all the chaos.

Jeff Bezos' Amazon to invest in Sunil Mittal's Airtel
Airtel-Amazon Deal: Bezos And Mittal Refuse To Clear The Air

Amazon is in early talks to buy a roughly 5% stake in Indian telecom player Bharti Airtel for around $2 billion.

Amazon and Jeff Bezos response to Coronavirus
Amazon Had Only One Prime Member During Covid-19 — Jeff Bezos

As pending deliveries clog supply chains, the world’s biggest online retailer plays for time by imposing restrictions on non-essentials. The big question: Who decides what’s essential and what isn’t?x

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