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Indian IT Sector Attrition
What Is Behind Indian IT Sector’s Spiked Attrition Rate And Is It All Good?

Recruitment rate in India is on an upsurge and so is attrition rate. What does…

Mukesh Ambani 44th Annual General Meeting
Mukesh Ambani Solidifies Reliance Legacy At 44th AGM- Biggest Highlights

From net-zero carbon emission mission to qualifying among top 10 retail stores, these are the…

work from home
Is Work From Home Good Or Bad For Your Career

Work From Home Has Changed Employees And How More than a year has passed since…

cryptocurrency adoption in 2021
Cryptocurrency Adoption Set To Continue In 2021

The topic of cryptocurrency adoption continues to be popular among digital assets enthusiasts since this…

Best Lithium Batteries Home
Best Lithium Batteries for Your Home

Lithium batteries are the next generation of batteries. Lithium batteries are becoming popular due to…

Paytm Board Gives Nod To Raise $220 Billion Via IPO; Share Price Doubles Up
Grey Market Backs Paytm’s Record-Breaking $220 Billion IPO Plan. Should You Invest?

Soon after industry sources confirmed the news, the price of Paytm’s shares jumped double to $328.77. Should you be buying Paytm shares ahead of the IPO?

India Looks For Recovery Roadmap After Worst GDP Fall Since Independence

The country’s GDP had dwindled by 24.38 percent in the first quarter of 2020-21. It had bet on a household-consumption economic revival that may now take much longer to show results.

Hello iPhone 13: What To Expect From The New Apple Series
Launching Soon: Apple Set To Make ‘Weighty’ Upgrades With iPhone 13

Apple is set to launch iPhone 13 soon, and with some much-awaited ‘groundbreaking’ features. Experts speculate and suggest two stunning design changes that will be the talk of the town! So, what are we looking at?

Wounded Warriors: Is PIP A Taboo In Your Company?
Wounded Warriors: Is PIP A Taboo In Your Company?

Typically companies have a PIP (Performance improvement plan) process. In the letter, it is supposed to help the candidate perform. But in spirit, unfortunately that’s not the case.

JP Morgan And CEO Dimon Stand Divided On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency
JP Morgan And CEO Dimon Stand Divided On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

An ironic state of things at the world’s largest bank has left investors perplexed about whom to believe.