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More Than Just A Melodious Voice — Why We’re GLAAD that Taylor Swift Exists?

Taylor Swift is not only a brilliant musician and songwriter but also a standout human being and a global icon for a better world. With an exceptionally humble soul, she is impacting various areas of everyone’s life. Consequently, now Taylor…

Iron Man Returns To MCU With Mandarin’s Flashback In Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi’s villain Mandarin is actually one of Iron Man’s biggest nemesis and the name came to the fore in the 2013 sequel.

Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Album LOVER

Taylor Swift’s 18-track, 7th studio album is released and it talks about sexism, cancer, the national mood, and her past & present.

Keanu+Cena+Cardi B = Fast and Furious 9 (Pure Adrenaline for Action Junkies)

Fast and Furious 9 is on its way and the franchise is introducing a new cast. The new cast includes Keanu Reeves, Cardi B and John Cena. The upcoming Fast and Furious 9 will include some new cast which is…

Bollywood Actresses Who Loved Married Men – Why?

Many Bollywood Actresses are seen preferring already married men for dating and marriage. Here is the list of Bollywood Heroines

10 Worst Bollywood Remakes Of Popular Movies

Bollywood has never shied away from copying from Hollywood, the name itself suggests so. While at times, movies like Satte Pe Satta……

Legendary Struggles of Hip Hop Artists with Criminal Records

Where the mind is without fear, the melody can be made in peace. Some of the top Hip Hop rappers and their legendary struggles that make for stories fit to make Oscar-winning movie scripts.

Fans will need Disney Plus subscription to follow Future MCU Movies: Marvel Chief

Disney plus have many shows planned, but they aren’t branching out but are deeply rooted in the premise of future Marvel Films, as per Kevin Feige. We all know that Disney is launching his standalone streaming platform Disney plus. But…

Does Keanu Reeves need an Oscar, Really?

Keanu Reeves is the best actor living for millions of fans worldwide, and his acting skills have more fans than any other Hollywood A-lister.

Hellfire Club: Stranger Things Season 4 dives into X-Men Universe

The Duffer brothers are having a lot of fun messing with our heads and are not afraid to let us in on their