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Chicago hospital faces legal action for pulling the wrong plug

A major US hospital is facing legal action for switching off a patient’s life support system after approaching the wrong family for consent.

15 Spookiest Places for the Daring Travelers

Some people might be hesitant to admit that they believe in ghosts. But if you ever hear a chilling bump in the night when you’re home alone, ghosts might not be such a leap of faith

Huma Qureshi: Breaking stereotypes all the way

Huma Qureshi, with her simplistic beauty and charm, has been soothing our senses for more than half a decade now.

Samsung CEO admits Galaxy Fold wasn’t ready

Samsung Galaxy Fold is yet to see the store shelves and the company is finally admitting its mistake on being too pushy about its first foldable smartphone.

10 Hollywood movies where animals stole the show

There are movies which pull your heartstrings, there are movies which suddenly gives you a lot of reasons to love.

10 Flirting Signals Women Give That Men Don’t catch

Have you been noticing something fishy with one of the girls you know from work, lately? Is she giving some signals, but you don’t know what they mean? Is she really into you or just playing games?

Aditya Roy Kapur: Proving his metal amidst all odds

Journey of Aditya Roy Kapur battling all the odds.

8 Celebrities who were the victim of an abusive relationship

Celebrities are merely a small fraction of the population, but there’s a long list of stars who’ve either been abused, the list only grows on a much bigger scale.

10 Hollywood Celebrities who committed suicide

Tragically, the following stars took their own lives for various reasons.