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British Man dru*ged his pen*s; suffers painful two-week erection

A British man has been hospitalised with a two-week erection as doctors face a “race against time” to save his penis

Saving money for a private jet? Go for an Airbus instead

How much money do you have in your piggy bank? If your answer is more than $400 million, try having a personal Airbus.

11 Celebrities Who Carried Their Pets As Accessories

Dogs are often called man’s best friend … but these celebrity pets are doing double duty as loyal companions and walking, barking photo opps

Nooner – The Naughty Midday Treat

By the end of the custom-crafted read, you’d be craving for a trip back home with your lover during your lunch break.

Lion King Inspired Summer Fashion Trends

This week, it’s not only the most awaited movie but something else that’s getting people all in their nostalgic feels and fashion high- ‘The Lion King Inspired Fashion Trend.’

Back Pain? Yoga has got your back

The key to preventing back pain is to strengthen your core and release tension and tightness in the muscles around your upper and lower back.

How to go from one night stand to happily ever after?

Booty calls are all fun and games until feelings arise and you find yourself in that dreaded grey area. When this happens, rather than launch

List of foods that can ‘Boom or Blow’ your libido

Believe it or not, there are so many things that can impact your sex drive. Of course, sex drives vary not only from

DKODING The Most Affable Hollywood Celebrities

So here’s a list of 10 Hollywood celebrities with a heart of gold.

UAE billionaire plans to ease drinking water shortage with an ‘Antarctica Iceberg’

An Arab millionaire plans to drag an entire iceberg to the UAE in a bid to provide fresh drinking water