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What Are The Beauty Products Your Favourite Celebrities Swear By?

Everyone has their holy makeup and skincare grails, even celebrities. We have brought you a list of beauty products celebrities wear.

Peeing After Sex Avoids Pregnancy

Peeing after sex is one of those myths that you must have heard to protect yourself from urinary tract infection (UTI). But is that really necessary? And, what if you don’t follow the peeing after sex rule?

9 Amazing Yoga Sex Positions To Try Now

Yoga has been connected to positive sexual performance for both women and men. Yoga is one of the most effective mind-

Bollywood Actors Who Are Ageing Backwards

As it is said that age brings a lot of obstacles in terms of health and time passes in the blink of an eye.

How to enjoy sex with a man who has a small d*ck?

Size matters and that what all of us are made to believe. Most of us tend to think that a small sized penis, in going to be a big let down in bed.

Facebook adopts the dark side

The undisputed king of social media Facebook has finally come up with a dark mode for their mobile app users.

Netflix shows specially crafted for designing geeks

Looking at the catalog of Netflix and wondering what to watch next for hours? Give rest to your artistic mind and watch these great shows made

A House that’s smaller than your sedan

Still wondering about what to do with the unused space in your backyard? Place a tiny eco-friendly home with zero DIY work from Amazon.

British Man dru*ged his pen*s; suffers painful two-week erection

A British man has been hospitalised with a two-week erection as doctors face a “race against time” to save his penis

Saving money for a private jet? Go for an Airbus instead

How much money do you have in your piggy bank? If your answer is more than $400 million, try having a personal Airbus.

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