Vandita Agrawal

Education: Delhi University, B.A. Honors In Political Science; Delhi University, Master's In Political Science; Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism (Gold Medalist); Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration | An established freelance investigative journalist, published in The Times of India,, and Her in-depth stories on US politics, international affairs, human rights, and climate change always ruffle a few feathers.

Xi Jinping Pushes China’s Billionaires Into Philanthropy. Here’s Why

While COVID-19 pushed as many as 150 million people into extreme poverty, China’s President pushed most of its ultra-rich into philanthropy. However, the pandemic is not the reason behind their generosity… Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba and Ant Group, was…

Richardson’s Suspension Is Illogical And Unfair. Here’s The Proof

American track sensation Sha’Carri Richardson’s suspension for one month after she failed a drug test last month has caused a widespread uproar. Here’s why the decision, which cost her the ticket to the Olympics, is unjust, tragic, and dangerous. Sprinting…

Trump Returns. Will Republicans Back Him In 2024?

Trump is not alone in the 2024 race. While no one can predict what the political landscape will look like in four years, the former POTUS faces tough competition from several Republican hopefuls.

How The Second Wave Impacted The Lives And Luxuries Of India’s Billionaires

At a time when the deadly virus resurgence overwhelmed the health infrastructure and brought many to the doors of poverty, most of the Indian billionaires were missing in action.

Where Joe “The Optimist” Biden Is Leading America

Biden is now more than a 100 days older since he stepped into the White House as the United States president. While polls suggest he is growing into his role, there are some major challenges ahead.

100 Days Of Biden: Does America Feel Different?

The economy, Covid-19, jobs, immigration, climate change and social justice were the immediate challenges at hand when Biden first entered the oval office.

Bitcoin Is Bad For The Planet, But Cryptocurrencies Are NOT

If Bitcoin is here to stay, then sadly, our combined global efforts to tackle climate change might well be going down the drain. But not all cryptocurrencies are as menacing on the planet. Certainly not Ethereum.

The World’s Richest Millennials In 2021 Are Worth More Than $333 Billion

When it comes to successful entrepreneurs, startups and businesses the Gen Z and Baby Boomers can learn a thing or two from the top richest Millennials.

We Are ‘Dumber By 25 Percent’ In The Digital Era, Study Finds

Research shows students who use longhand remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material. Taking Notes on Laptops Reduces Brain Power By 25%, Hinders Learning.

Beyond Greta Thunberg: 15 Young Activists Leading The War Against Climate Change

Over the past few years, young activists around the world have come together in the fight to change the system, combat climate change, urge the world to wake up, and save the planet.