Vandita Agrawal

Vandita Agrawal

Covering the US Elections 2020

Education: Delhi University, B.A. Honors In Political Science; Delhi University, Master's In Political Science; Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism (Gold Medalist); Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration | An established freelance investigative journalist, published in The Times of India,, and Her in-depth stories on US politics, international affairs, human rights, and climate change always ruffle a few feathers.

The Top 15 Richest Politicians In America (2020)

Although Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 election made him the first billionaire president in American history, he is not the richest politician in the U.S.

Who Is Joe Biden? — 8 Burning Questions About The 46th US President. Answered

The 47th vice president, the Democratic presidential candidate, the 46th president of the United States – Joe Biden would be the oldest president (at his inauguration, at age 78) to serve the office in the history of United States of America.

13 Richest Politicians In India 2020

While more than 80% of India’s politicians are millionaires, a few possess massive assets running into billions of dollars.

What You Should Know About Biden’s Plan For America’s Middle Class

With his “Build Back Better” initiative, Biden promises to take care of the middle-class Americans’ well-being — so the country in its entirety can prosper.

5 Burning Issues That Can Break America

With Trump adopting “Keep America Great” as his campaign slogan for his 2020 presidential run, here are five non-campaign issues Americans will vote for in November…

Hillary’s Loss And History Of Election Runner-Ups Foretell Trump’s Political Fate

In less than 100 days, Americans across the country will head to the polls to decide who will be their next president. The first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take place on September 29 at Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland. Since the countdown for the presidential election has begun, let’s look at some interesting facts about the past runners-ups and their political fate…

Now, Twitter Goes After China — At America’s Behest

The news is worrying because A: the basis for removal of Twitter accounts of certain countries (especially China) sets a dangerous precedent, and B: mainstream media is averse to investigate the hidden agenda behind the vicious move.

Nepal’s Big Border Snub — Consequences Of India Losing Its Special Friend To China

In an unprecedented move, Nepal, which shares a border of over 1,850 km with five Indian states, unanimously voted to amend its Constitution and incorporate the country’s new map into its national emblem.

Coronavirus Exposes Global Fragility — Governments That Failed The Pandemic Test

According to the latest findings and analysis by YouGov, a British market research and data analytics firm that tracks how people are responding to the outbreak and their views on their government’s handling of the contagious disease, approval of government handling of COVID-19 has plunged to lowest level.

#BoycottChina — An Absurdity Shrouded In Patriotism

Even if the call to boycott Chinese products and services is voluntary, it is utterly impractical, extremely emotional, completely uneconomical, and deeply affects India’s national interest.