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Deep Throating: The Wildest Side Of Oral Sex

Deep-Throating is a controversial topic and an even more difficult thing to perform in bed. After reading this article, your ability to deep-throat the popsicle you want will be enhanced.

You Have A Blowjob Fantasy & It’s Cunnilingus For Her! What Exacty Women Want In Bed? (Things+Pics+Videos)

Well, we actually do know beyond what this article will tell you. But this page, in particular, will tell you what you need to do to your lady friend in bed. Whether it be today or tomorrow, women are always going to be glad whenever you do it to them.

Vaani Kapoor is setting the social media ablaze with her sizzling bikini look

The Befikre girl Vaani Kapoor is back with the hot bikini body and she is killing the look

What Happens When You Turn Your Sex-ual Fantasy Into Reality

It could be a sexual fantasy involving Princess Leia from Star Wars Episode IV or a hot triple way wish, you’ve all had them, probably more than once. Everybody has probably wished to fulfil them, maybe you want to find…

Earth is dead in 200 years prophecised Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking believed that the Earth would cease to exist within the next 200 years. For our sake, we can only hope it’s not guaranteed but

Full Body Orgasm – Next Level Of Ecstasy

Have you ever experienced a full-body or*asm? You haven’t experienced the best thing about having a good time in bed yet.

10 Secrets To Ultimate Shower Sex

There’s just something about getting it on in the shower that makes it fun, adventurous and extremely exciting.

7 most misogynistic Bollywood movies

Stereotyped portrayals of women in movies is contributing to rampant sexism amongst the viewers

Best sex of your life – 11 tips to have incredible sex

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, it is the inherent understanding between you and your partner and the bond you share that matter most. All the same, sex can help a lot to get to that point of intimacy and understanding and by that, I mean good sex.

Breast Sex Oh yes- 9 Things a guy will never say

Whenever a guy asks you to put his pecker between your melons, you’re gonna want to talk about it. Guys…well, it’s not their thing to talk. Beast sex is a novelty after all. Breast Sex – There is a lot…

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