Utkarsh Rishi

Utkarsh Rishi is a young budding writer who has an eye for the unique in the world of Entertainment.

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Is Breathing Again

How I met Your Mother set a benchmark in the sitcom world by being unique and its comedy being one of its own kind which gave the show an…

Chadwick Boseman Out! Marvel Makes Black Panther 2 A Female Superhero Flick

Sounds like Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther days are numbered in the MCU and it’s his on-screen sister Shuri who is threatening to take away the crown of Wakanda from T’Challa. Highlights! Marvel Sees Black Panther 2 As A Female Superhero…

The Wait Is Over! Lilyhammer Season 4 Release Date, Plot And More

‘Lilyhammer’ is a Norwegian-American television series that was one of the earliest shows to be produced by Netflix. Ever since season 3 of ‘Lilyhammer’ came to an end, fans have used various platforms like Reddit to demand season 4 of…

Netflix’s Lucifer Tom Ellis Just Booked His Ticket To Marvel

Though Netflix’s Lucifer has made his cameo in the DC comics there are reports that it might happen for Marvel too.

Marvel Confident Of Landing George Clooney As MCU’s Adam Warlock

Well, Mr Daniel Ocean is almost done with the Hollywood, busy planning his Mayoral campaign, but it seems there’s one last ride left… and some unfinished business.

Anime Sensation Bleach Makes Massive Comeback With Season 17

Tite Kubo’s wonderful creation is set to air after a long wait of 8 years with Bleach Season 17.

X-Men’s Magneto Joins Nightmare In Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange 2

Not only is Dr Strange 2 getting a new villain in Nightmare, but even an X-Men veteran in Magneto is also on board…

Marvel’s Morbius Is Going To Expand The Marvel Universe

A big news for Marvelheads, Moribus, new installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad’s joker famed…