Tridivesh Singh Maini
Tridivesh Singh Maini
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Tridivesh Singh Maini is a New Delhi based Political Commentator.

As Western Leaders Threaten An Economic Exodus From Hong Kong, Xi Makes Exit Impossible

Not just the UK, but the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have reacted strongly, and taken some strong measures against the Chinese decision to impose the new National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Singapore’s General Election Was Hugely Consequential For The City-State — And Its People

A PAP victory was expected; but what drew the attention of observers was the stellar performance of the main opposition party – The Workers’ Party (WP) which improved its tally of seats from 6-10, and captured 50% of the vote in the seats it contested.

Will Boris Johnson’s Project Defend Reinforce The New Cold War Against China?

One of the countries which has been vocal in its criticism of Beijing both for not sharing information pertaining to the pandemic, and for the imposition of the national security law in Hong Kong is Britain.

Trump’s Visa Ban Doesn’t Align With Washington’s Long-Term Plan For India

It is interesting to note that while the Trump administration has spoken about closer ties with India, and this is evident in terms of the defense relationship if one were to look at the economic realm — immigration and trade the US President’s policies towards India have not been favorable.

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