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Perfect Balance Of Eating Out, Fingering And Scissoring

When two women have sex, it’s a beautiful, awkward, sexy, unique, and liberating. But while the world is full of info on what straight partners

Anal Fingering Tips To Kink Things Up For A Fant-ASS-tic Sex

Anal fingering foreplay for anal sex is incredibly sexy, and this leads to a very unique payoff when you both cum.

How To Make Your Bedroom Absolutely Sex Friendly During Coronavirus Lockdown

Your bedroom serves two main purposes: sex and sleep. If you have been doing a little more sleep and a little less of the latter

Sexting Is The New Sex During Coronavirus Lockdown

There is nothing wrong with Sexting even if its coronavirus scare all over. Just don’t be a di*k about it. Come close but not near! During coronavirus days sexting is the new way of showing affection which comes with no…

A-Spot, Sex Toys And The Big Butt Game

What if I tell you that the G-spot isn’t the only way to achieve an o*gasm during intercourse. Let me introduce to you, with much pleasure the A-Spot .

If You Don’t Eat Her Booty Like Groceries, You Can’t Be Her Man

I had read this quote: “If You Don’t Eat The Booty Like Groceries, You Can’t Be Her Man” — and that triggered the whole idea of putting this piece together as how to eat booty and enjoy the new salad…

A Kinky Erotic Take On Anal Sex For Beginners

Not all kinds of anal sex is the same and for beginners, it can be a little more challenging. Here are some inventive fun ways to approach the back door. Anal sex is most often portrayed as a doggy-style-only affair,…

ANAL-YSIS: Why Men Are So Unexplainably In Love With Anal Sex

Men have an incessant need to want more than they’ve already got. .

Oooouf Soft And Magical: The Mind-blowing Power Of Tantric Sex

Sometimes, sex can be a little wham-bam. Let me introduce you to the exact opposite

Tips To Fire Up Your Sex Life From Vanilla To Oh Oh My God

There is nothing wrong with a little plain sex. Vanilla ice cream is delicious, but if you never add other flavors and toppings to it,

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