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10 Signs you are a sex addict

Sex Addict! Sex on your mind 24/7? Your libido levels are off the roof? You are down to eff anyone anywhere?

How well do you know ‘Virat Kohli’ – The Best Batsman in the world!

The one who is the epitome of determination, commitment and ever-growing finesse- Virat Kohli is one name which is a synonym to cricket.

Even the kids aren’t exempted of calorie policing in the Kardashian house

Khloe Kardashian has invited criticism for involving her one-year-old daughter in a joke about calorie

Understanding Your Undertone Before Buying Makeup

Ever wonder how makeup artists get Hollywood’s hottest celebs to look flawlessly natural even when wearing a full face of makeup? It all comes down to undertones (well, and acquiring skills through practice).

How To Have An Amazing One Night Stand?

One night stands may sound like a walk in the park but if not done right they can be chaotic, confusing and complications will arise

10 Ways To Have Sex When Its That Time Of The Month

Even though periods are normal and sex is too, but the idea of combining them both makes most women run to an isolated room

Here’s Why You Should Never Use Sex As A Bargaining Tool

If you believe cruel old stereotypes, you’d think it’s usually women who punish their partners by withholding sex

How Long Should A Power Nap Last?

Power nap – are you excited or not?

Fashion Face-offs: Who Wore What Better

Faceoff’s always gives an idea about who is actually going according to the trend and who is out there to go out and start the trend.

11 signs from work that you’re a psychopath

You may often joke that your coworker is a psychopath after a day when they particular annoy you or

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