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I am a Mumbai-bred, hijab-donning, essay-scrawling freelance writer who's into TV shows, movies and books, so many books! I live in hopes that my hijab will someday win the staring contest it is always subjected to.

Henry Cavill Should Never Have Followed Up Superman With The Witcher

The actor’s choice in opting to star in ‘The Witcher’ just may jeopardize his chances at headlining ‘Man of Steel 2’– or it may not.

The Blunders Of Season 4 And 5 Could Make Room For A Season 6 Of The Arrested Development

Arrested Development folded sooner than it should have because of certain mistakes it made when it was picked up by Netflix. Those blunders will need to be worked on in season 6, if there is to be one.

NBC Could Be Secretly Working On The Office Reboot

NBC may pick up ‘The Office’ for an official reboot to be streamed on its soon-to-launch Netflix rival, Peacock.

The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Will Be A Gamechanger For CBS

Having earned CBS peak ratings even in its tail-end seasons, yet another season of breakout sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ could change the fortunes of the network. Fans are being very vocal about ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 13. And…

Fan’s Rejoice With A Possibility Of Another Revival For Gilmore Girls After A Year In The Life

After reviving ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the form of ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’, there is speculation that there could be yet another revival.

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