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Is Mayans MC Actually Better Than Sons Of Anarchy?

Set in the same universe, ‘Mayans MC’ follows a different motorcycle club and involves drugs, violence, and, you guessed it, bikes. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ gripped fans with its fantastic storytelling and relatable (though outlaw) characters, and consistently delivered high ratings…

Sons Of Anarchy: The Bike Jax Teller Rode And The One He Died On

The love for bikes defined Jax Teller both in his life and death. So, what was he riding during his last moments? With its interesting, complex characters and a compact and intriguing storyline, FX’s hit show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is…

These Actors From The Originals And The Vampire Diaries Will Be Making A Comeback On Legacies

Which characters from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ are most likely to make a comeback in ‘Legacies’?

Breaking Bad: Find Out Why Walter White Forced His Son To Drink Tequila

The brilliance of Walt White’s character lies in the fact that we never really know what’s going on with him. ‘Breaking Bad‘ is often called one of the best TV shows ever made, and out of the many reasons for…

Michael Scott’s Appearance In Season 9 Of The Office: Know All About It Here

‘The Office’ is almost synonymous with Micheal Scott. Can he really not be there for its season finale?

The Office Cast May Soon Be Coming Together For A Reunion

With NBC ready to launch its new streaming platform Peacock, a reunion of the hit show would work in favour of executives and fans alike. The iconic show about the lives and loves of the employees of a mid-size paper…

The Ending Of The Originals Explained!

Will the show be back for another season? Here’s looking at the season 5 finale for some answers. To say that the final episode of the fifth season of ‘The Originals’ was a tear-jerker would be to woefully understate it.…

Know Why The Characters In The Office Talk To The Camera

The mockumentary-style sitcom made use of talking heads to drive the narrative forward.

Are The Sons Of Anarchy Actors Real-Life Bikers Too?

Some of the bikers in the show are actually real-life gang members. Can you guess who?

Is Howard Less Or More Intelligent Than The Gang In Big Bang Theory?

As the friend who is “less” smart because he doesn’t have a doctorate, we set out to see what Howard’s IQ could be.