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I am Suvarna. I am a passionate pop culture enthusiast. Dan Humphrey once said, "You're no one until you're talked about," and that is the one thing I swear by as an entertainment columnist. I hope that my readers enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.

Hold On Tight Because Castle Could Still Be Back With Season 9

Is a ninth season of Castle on the cards for ABC? Drama, thrills and comedy – ABC’s 2009 series, Castle had it all. The series was widely popular for the chemistry between its two leads and its addictive plot. It…

After ABC Cancelled Scrubs, NBC May Bring Back The Iconic Fan-Favourite

After its successful 9-season run, is a reunion currently in discussions? NBC hit jackpot with its 2001 medical comedy-drama, Scrubs. The series, with its slapstick comedy in a hospital, introduced the audience to something fresh and unique and got rave…

After Its Shocking Cancellation On Netflix, Disney To Reboot Jessica Jones

Is ‘Jessica Jones’ all set to return to our television screens?

Blue Bloods Season 11 Is Back With A New Addition To The Reagan Family

CBS has renewed ‘Blue Bloods’ for its eleventh season and fans can’t wait to see the newest Reagan in action!

Here Is Why The King: Eternal Monarch Died A Quick Death On Netflix

With not much working in their favour, will SBS and Netflix risk developing a second season of the Korean fantasy drama?

Is Charlie Sheen Desperate to Make a Comeback with a Two and A Half Men Reboot?

After getting fired from the series in 2011, the actor has been keen on giving his character in the popular sitcom a deserving end. Chuck Lorre’s widely successful sitcom, Two and a Half Men not only put him on the…

Castle Is Coming Back With Season 9, But Not With The Old Cast

Is ABC ready to revive its hit show, Castle for a season 9?

Charlie Sheen Picked Up For Two And A Half Men Reboot Whereas Ashton Kutcher Made The King of The Ranch

Fans think that Charlie Sheen was as integral to Two and a Half Men as Ashton Kutcher was to The Ranch When CBS announced in 2011 that Charlie Sheen had been fired from Two and a Half Men, fans were…

Read This If You Want To Make Sense Of The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Watched The Umbrella Academy season 1? Gearing up to dive into the second season? Well, not so fast. First, read all of this. The Umbrella Academy is Netflix’s 2019 superhero venture created by showrunner Steve Blackman, based on comic books…

Dark Prepares For A Darker Season 4 With A New Family Mystery

Is Netflix set to bring back its German science fiction series, ‘Dark’, for season 4? ‘Dark’ was the first German-language series created by Netflix. It was a success from the first day it was released and trended at number one…

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