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CBD Oil — The Magical Product To Infuse Vitality In Your Sex Life

CBD intimate oil is For those who suffer from things like stress, performance anxiety or pain in the bedroom.

Go Get Clean Because You’re About To Get Dirty — It’s Sexy For Sex!

With good sex comes good foreplay and with good foreplay comes in a lot of good prepping and rituals that make you more desirable than the goddess that you already are!

Anal Tease: I Love When He Eats My Ass — So Ready For More

If you haven’t tried anal play yet then you must. Go tell your boys to lick your butt and i bet it’ ll rock your world.

How To Turn On A Man Who Loves Ass: The AssMan

Some men are a little more obsessed with the rear than the others. They love almost everything on the menu that comes under the ass category. Here are a few tips and tricks to turn on your ‘The Ass Man’.…

How To Keep Your Penis Young And Spicy During Coronavirus Lockdown

The anti-ageing revolution seems to have travelled Southwards and has NOW reached the “PENISylvania”. A lot of focus and attention is now being paid on how to keep your penis young forever (adding during coronavirus lockdown) so that your days…

My Husband And I Love Walking Around Naked In The House

I struggled with ‘being naked’ in front of my husband for the first year or so of marriage. We are both in our 40’s and have been married for only 10

12 Men Confess To Their Masturbation Fantasies

Different men get turned on by different things. What men fantasise during masturbation or what makes them want to

When My Husband And I Decided To Go On Tinder

My husband and I decided to explore Tinder experience! Recently one of the evenings, I was having a drink with my male friend from college — he is single and actively looking for a long-term relationship and very much active…

Check Out Different Sex Positions That Suit Your Genuine Desire For A Passionate (Intense) Orgasm

It’s that slice of dessert that when right in front of you, can’t deny, like an easy orgasm with these sex positions, purely satisfying.

What Do Sex Dreams Mean? Definitely Not Dreamy Sex

When You Start To Have Sex Dreams — It Means Your Untouched Emotions Are Begging For Attention. Sex dreams know no boundaries but they do set the stage — making you either excited for what’s to come or utterly confused!?…

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