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How Abu Malik and Mahira Sharma are set to leave BIGG BOSS house today…

Paras Chabbra, Asim Riaz, Abu Malik, Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma and Siddharth Dey are nominated for eliminations this week. Read more to know who will be eliminated this week The weekend for the Big Boss is about to arrive which…

How To Get A Hot Body Like Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner who is an incredibly stunning and makes sure that she looks glamorous 24/7. She is just not a “self-made youngest billionaire but also has a crazy makeup line.

Is King Kohli just a myth?

King Kohli is one name which is synonymous with cricket but is he really the King or is it just a myth?

Apple is doing something that’s not just wrong but cringeworthy

All big tech companies have been caught recording and using data in the name of improving their services. This time, we know what Apple has done.

The hunt for Amelia Earhart’s plane is reaching new heights

Robert Ballard, the explorer who discovered the Titanic in 1985 is leading a new search for Earhart’s Lockheed

DIEt Soda… literally

Exactly when we thought we were settling on a sound decision by changing from typical bubbly beverages

Your old phone can be used to keep a watch at your own house

If you have some old phones collecting dust in a drawer don’t sell them for a fraction of what you

Flight attendants have better eyes than detectives

Flight attendants spend hundreds of hours in the air each year, so they learn to notice small details about

Apple Watch is a Pandora’s Box full of tricks

Apple Watch has a ton of interesting features you might not know about

Bio-inspired drones that mimic Aves

Inspired by the aerial abilities of birds, bats and insects, researchers are crafting a new generation of ultralight

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