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Other Woman Breaking Your Relationship — Does It Mean The Demise Of Your Marriage?

Wife, Husband and The Other Woman – What’s Going On? A pointy nose, perfect hair, daunty eyes and an unpleasant wicked grin on her face. Isn’t that the stereotype of the other woman breaking your relationship we all have in…

Do You Know How Dogs Say ‘I Love You’ —

Dogs are known as the best friend of humans but did you know that they can tell if you are a good human being or not? As it turns out, there’s a lot your dog knows about you and a lot you don’t know about dogs.

Cameron Diaz On Pubic Hair And Dear Ladies Why — Don’t Go Bald Down There

A Great Personality Once Said — A Healthy Bush = A Healthy Vagina We all got them, but even thinking about them can make you cringe and gag. Yope, we are talking about PUBIC HAIR. You are not alone if…

8 Times Your Favourite Show Brooklyn Nine-Nine Disappointed You

Brooklyn Nine-nine gave us many bitter-sweet memories over its six seasons…but it left us disappointed in so many ways. Here are 8 of those

The New Release Date For Gossip Girl Reboot Leaked — Get Ready

Gossip Girl has been one of America’s most favourite elite teen drama show. It debuted in 2007 and since

You Won’t Pass This SEX IQ Quiz Unless You’re A Sex Genius + Foreplay Types That May Come Handy

Foreplay is like an appetizer to the main course and has a variety of types to offer. Sure, your medium-rare filet mignon (beef) will taste okay alone

Spoiler Alert: Jake and Amy To Turn Foes Once Again in Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Remember the time when our favourite set of funny detectives Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago get married in Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The episode was titled ‘HalloVeen’? Will the relationship between two strong-headed cops Jake and Amy survive till…

Hela and Thanos: Is There Something Steamy Brewing Between These Two?

It is hard to even imagine the movie version of Thanos romancing Hela, the Goddess of Death. How is it even

Spiderman 2021 Title Leak: Movie Begins Directly After Far From Home?

Spidey is all set to web us in 2021 with a bang. Recently Sony and Disney announced that there’ll be the third

Why Should You Wait For Season 4 Of The Runaways?

Restless? An increased heart rate with hyperventilation? Heavy sweating? Umm, trouble concentrating? Distraught sleep patterns? While these barbaric anxiety symptoms may blow hot and cold from one certifiable binge watcher to another, and we are here to identify with call it…

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