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Shubhabrata is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. A social media savvy, he has knack for creative content and photography. He loves to research about exotic places and superheroes. In his spare time, he listens to music, read novels, and write poetry and gaming. A full-sleeve-all-time guy, he loves to hang out with friends, especially on foot. Only a year into the field, he has worked as a content writer at a digital marketing agency.

Moon Knight Finale: A Godly Showdown & Rise Of Mutants

Moon Knight Episode 6 AKA Season Finale is the showdown of the Gods. Marc and Steven come together but they aren’t alone.

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Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser — Lightning Strikes Twice In Waititi’s Piñata Without Gorr

The latest Thor: Love and Thunder teaser feels showcases Thor in a new light. He has given up his thunder and is all for love now.

Moon Knight Setting Up Elder Gods To Face Christian Bale In Thor 4

The introduction of Khonshu in Moon Knight shows that MCU is setting up Elder Gods to face Gorr the God Butcher in Thor 4.

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Moon Knight Episode 2 reveals more about Moon Knight, Ammit and introduces us to more important characters.

Marvel Effortlessly Solved Moon Knight’s Batman Problem

The first episode of Moon Knight put the age-old comparisons between Marvel’s Moon Knight and DC’s Batman to their rest.