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Shubhabrata is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. A social media savvy, he has knack for creative content and photography. He loves to research about exotic places and superheroes. In his spare time, he listens to music, read novels, and write poetry and gaming. A full-sleeve-all-time guy, he loves to hang out with friends, especially on foot. Only a year into the field, he has worked as a content writer at a digital marketing agency.

Loki Meets His Match As The Sacred Timeline Falls Into Chaos

The second episode of Loki brings him face to face with his evil variant after he discovers a tracking method. But nothing is what it seems.

Wakanda Forever Casts Tenoch Huerta As MCU’s First Mutant

Tenoch Huerta has been reportedly cast as Namor and will be the main villain/anti-hero in the Black Panther sequel. Here’s more on it.

Spider-Man Leak Confirms Daredevil And Black Panther Influence

The latest leaks of Spider-Man: No Way Home throw light on the rumors that have been making rounds of late. And it seems that Sony is all in.

Loki Establishes Kang The Conqueror As MCU’s New Thanos

Word is that Loki will have more impact than other shows in the MCU so far. Here are the highlights of the show that we know so far.

Marvel Celebrates Pride With Its Characters Coming Out Of Closet

Updates from the MCU suggest that it is about to explore Marvel’s LGBTQ history. Here are some MCU characters that belong to this community.

Loki Stands Trial: For All Time. Always.

The first episode of Loki introduces us to the TVA, the Sacred Timeline, and a lurking villain. The God of Mischief finds himself in a new world.

The Truth About David Harbour Leaking Black Widow To Duffer Brothers

With Black Widow about to arrive, theories, as always, are making their way into the minds of fans. Here’s a list of those that can turn out to be true.

Ant-Man 3 Foreshadows A Villian That’s NOT Kang The Conqueror

Recently, Evangeline Lilly (the Wasp) in her latest Twitter post dropped a clear hint of the return of Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll) in Ant-Man 3.

Loki Will Pave Way For Other Marvel Time Travelers

With Loki doing time at the TVA, we cannot help but think about Marvel characters known for time travel who can show up for a cameo.

Sinister Six Brewing Between Sony And Marvel

The MCU multiverse is about to explode with Spider-Man: No Way Home. And one of multiple possibilities is the arrival of the Sinister Six.