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Donald Trump’s Showmanship Looks Ugly With American Blood In The Background

US President Donald Trump has seen a spike in his ratings close to a 50 per cent but what does it actually mean during coronavirus outbreak

Lockdown Hits Marvel With Some Major Connectivity Issues

Loki, Ultron, Hella, Thanos … And now Coronavirus. Is Coronavirus’ impact ‘the SNAP’ for the Marvel Franchise business? HEADS UP! MCU is facing a villain that no Superhero can handle Charting Tough Waters Isn’t New for Marvel Studio The Franchise…

Man Vs COVID-19: Why We’d Never Win

Outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has impacted Earth-lings but as nature unravels its fury. Do we stand a chance?

Congratulations AMERICA But Don’t Expect Payout Soon

US President Donald Trump announces historical $2 Trillion US stimulus plan passed by the Senate but the payoff can be delayed

Sports Illustrated: Behold! First-Ever Work-From-Home Magazine Cover is HERE!

How do you cover sports when their entire existence is being threatened by a global pandemic? Heads Up! Sports Illustrated April 2020 cover is here, conveying the existential crisis of the sports industry during Coronavirus Cover Release: Sports Illustrated April…

Fashioning Coronavirus Relief: Tom Ford And Anna Wintour Come To Aid

Fashion Legends Anna Wintour and Tom Ford repurpose CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund to bring relief to coronavirus hit businesses Heads Up! After cancellation of major fashion events the fashion icons fashions a relief for Covid-19 suffering businesses A Common Thread…

Coronavirus Hits Royalty: Queen’s Health Feared As Prince Charles Is Coronavirus +Ve

Royal Clarence House informs that Prince Charles of Britain is Covid-19 infected. While his wife Duchess of Cornwall tests negative

Coronavirus: Dark is Dawning on Hollywoods Financial Health

Coronavirus lockdown is incurring Hollywood losses. How does the industry fare in this dark time when it’s the survival of the fittest?

21 Million Mobile Phones Disappeared — Why Is China Bluffing On Its Covid-19 Death Toll?

Satellite images, speed of the internet and overall traffic information are telling a very different story of coronavirus death toll in china…

Coronavirus Returns: Covid-19 Wave Hits China Again

So while other countries are looking at China’s model of containing the coronavirus. Coronavirus returns and cover-19 wave hits china again..

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