Hantavirus Kills in China Amid Coronavirus Havoc

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, another virus named Hantavirus takes life in China’s Yunnan province. While the world is still trying to find a cure for Covid-19. Here’s what you should know about the Hantavirus Highlights What is Hantavirus? What causes…

Self-quarantined? Let’s Put a Smile On That Face With Some Memes

The whole world is going through the same scenario due to Coronavirus pandemic. The doctors are doing their part in the hospitals, scientists are doing their part to find a cure in their labs. Everybody is doing their bit to…

Tom Holland Is The Cherry On Top That Everyone Wants

Marvel, Sony, Disney, and now Russo Brothers’ AGBO, Tom Holland is quickly becoming the hottest property in Hollywood. Russo brothers introduced the fan favourite Tom Holland as Spider-man in MCU’s Captain America: Civil War in 2016. Now, Russo brothers seem…

Coronavirus 101 — Lesson From Superman On The Importance Of Self-Isolation And Quarantine

There aren’t many threats dangerous enough to keep Superman in solitude. But there was a time just like the current Coronavirus pandemic when Superman realized the importance of self-isolation and quarantine for the sake of himself as well as the Earth.

Superheroes Versus Coronavirus — DC Hit Worse Than Marvel

THe nCOVID-19 lockdown has become a nightmare for the film industry. Since the Coronavirus outbreak turned into a pandemic, Marvel and DC have witnessed different impacts in their Superhero Box Office rivalry.