Sharat V. Rao

Sharat Rao is IPA National Joint Secretary and Convener, IPA Technical Committee. He is also fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Member of Indian Water Works Association (IWWA). Sharat V. Rao is the Managing Director, Engineering Creations Public Health Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Sharat V. Rao graduated from V.J.T.I, Mumbai, in 1977 and obtained his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering subjects in 1979 from the same institute.

IoT — Internet of Things — Revolutionizing The Water & Sewer Management Landscape

The water supply infrastructure in India today is plagued by a wide range of problems. To solve them, we need to implement new age technologies, like the “Internet of Things”. IoT-based water management systems use real-time data from the sensors…