Shaghil Bilali

Shaghil Bilali

Writer Covering Enterprise and Startup Ecosystem

Education: MA Mass Communication from Guru Jambheswar University, PG Diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Shaghil Bilali is a seasoned journalist with over 15 years of experience. In the past, he has worked with the likes of MSN News, and Mail Today newspaper. Apart from Business news, Shaghil has also written on sports, and general news.

An Orange Pouch Tied To The International Space Station Is Key To Humans Reaching Mars

The pouch holds a device called Dosis-3D, key to astronauts countering enhanced radiation in longer flights, like the ones being planned to Mars.

Why The Death Of Chairman Lee Kun-hee Made Samsung’s Value Soar

Share prices surged due to factors like heirs of chairman Lee Kun-hee having to pay heavy inheritance tax, possibility of a shake-up in the company, and speculation of Samsung posting higher profits in 2021.

Boeing Explores Support For 737 Max Replacement But Rolls-Royce Reluctant To Commit

Rolls-Royce has expressed its keenness to provide engines after Boeing reached out for support with plans for a new, midrange jetliner.

Republicans Want To Blame Twitter, Facebook and Google For Trump’s Failed Campaign

The CEOs of the three behemoths of information testified for an act that prevents social media websites from being held responsible for content that users post on their platforms.

Where To Invest In 2021? Here Are 5 High Potential ‘Make In India’ Sectors

A number of reputed international brands want to shift their base from China to elsewhere. Many are opting for India, and the country should embrace the opportunities and benefits.

Economists Issue Alert: India’s Poor Economy Is Dangerous For Your Future

Lack of jobs in the market has already hit the common man severely. The double-digit contraction rate means the situation is likely to improve only at snail’s pace.

Finally A Trump-Biden Exchange Worthy Of Being Called A Presidential Debate

As Trump accused Biden and his family of engaging in unethical business practices in China and Ukraine, Biden attacked Trump for mishandling COVID-19 pandemic and racial issues

Here’s Why The ‘US vs Google’ Antitrust Battle Won’t End Soon

The case can go in DOJ’s favor, but Google has its strong points. The legal battle could very well stretch up to a decade.

Next Wave Of Mergers Set To Terrorize An Already Crippled US Job Market

Waldron says mergers and acquisitions are good for companies’ revenues, but they can leave many people in the US without any job.

Air Travel In 2021: Top 5 Most Luxurious Economy Class Cabins In The World

Onboard luxurious facilities are not limited to first or business-class travelers: some of the world’s most renowned airlines provide luxurious facilities to their economy-class passengers