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Google honours Friends with Easter Eggs for Fans on 25th Anniversary

An entire generation is comprised of unflinching staunch fans of the iconic comedy series, Friends. After 25 years..Google honours Friends

Thor joins Aquaman to fight a common enemy: Plastic

Thor saved the world by helping defeat Thanos. But now, the actor is getting more and more concerned about Aquaman’s world…

Rambo Day: Honourable marketing for Stallone’s last stint as an action-hero

September 18 saw an official Rambo Day celebration in various US cities ahead of the release of the latest movie in the franchise…

Thomas Middleditch gives dirty details about his sex life

Thomas Middleditch spills the beans on his marriage and sex life, says the couple had to get “nontraditional” in the bedroom because of…

The Squad at Suicide Squad is decided, John Cena is here!

James Gunn gave the fans a treat as he released the cast of Suicide Squad 2 yesterday. If the first Suicide Squad installment wooed you…

Has Jennifer Lawrence secretly tied the knot?

Has Jennifer Lawrence secretly tied the knot? Well, there is a strong possibility that the answer to this question ‘Yes!’….

Is Kylie Jenner trying to tell her fans that it is over with Travis Scott?

Have Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had a breakup? Well, many are speculating the same. And it is all a matter of a missing framed….

Donald Trump does not even spare the dead

US President Donald Trump has been known to not apply filters when it comes to using words…he forgot it while he reacted on Cokie Roberts..

Welcome to the deranged world of quirky Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie is all set to portray the role of Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. We have had enough of the conventional superhero movies…

The Queen refuses to answer any questions about Harry and Meghan; Here’s why

The Queen’s advisors have reportedly asked people not to discuss the Sussexes (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) with her…but hold your..

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