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Specialises in re-creating stories that are trending gloablly and bring a fresh perspective. Her stories have featured in 'Top 100 Global Tweets'.

NSFW alert! Hottest Hollywood Sex Scenes to spice up your weekend

Perfect lighting spiced up with the sexiest lingerie; best sex scenes in Hollywood movies never fail expectations. Here’s a list of the best

Tom And Jerry To Be Best Friends, Join Hands To Take On Michael Peña In 2021 Film

Based on media reports and project announcements, what we know so far is that Tom will be hired to catch Jerry, but they’ll eventually become best friends and turn on Michael Peña in the 2021 film.

Jolted Netflix’s The Irishman — All Set To Win The Oscar

Netflix’s lackluster performance at the Golden Globes was most certainly a big surprise. Having said that, Netflix might have been knocked down at the Golden Globes with merly two relatively little wins but the giant streamer seems in no mood…

All Eyes On GLOW Season 4 As Netflix Prepares To Slam It Out Of The Ring

The future of Netflix’s GLOW has had a bumpy ride… at first, a season 4 seemed like a bleak possibility. But now there will be more…

Richa Chadha’s Perfect Attitude Makes Her The Duck Within The Swans

Richa Chadha is different, in every sense. Her looks, her personality, her attitude makes her the duck within the swans.

The Crown Season 4 Will Not Be Coming Before 2021

Speculations are that ‘The Crown’ season 4 release date will be in November or December 2020, but it will not go live before 2021..Here’s why

Mirror Mirror… Who’s Wittier — Jake Peralta or Jesse Pinkman?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Breaking Bad have two of the funniest and wittiest characters— Jake Peralta and Jesse Pinkman. But who is the best?

Confirmed! Hopper Is NOT Alive, The Duffer Brothers Are Just Messing Around

Stranger Things Season 3 left fans with sleepless nights and 99 questions. Additionally, the post-credits scene that talks about ‘The American’ gave fans hope that fan-favourite Hopper is still alive. But when we went through all the available facts, we…

Can The Final Fight Between Godzilla And Kong Change The History?

Godzilla Vs Kong reminds one of Superman Vs Batman— two of the most powerful protagonists fighting against each other..but who will win?

The Grudge Reboot Verdict Is Out— Where’s The Scare?

Even with a $10 million budget, an R rating, and a lot of hype… ‘The Grudge’ reboot’s movie reviews are calling it unnecessary…

DKODING as the name suggests is on a crusade to bring out the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY’ in a world drowning with fury and frenzy. It provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond NEWS.

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