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Buying Guide For Dining Table Set

Introduction The dining table is one of the perfect places to spend time with loved ones. You get to share your stories and enjoy delicious dishes. However, the whole experience also depends on the quality of the dining table. Whether…

Pleasure While You Sleep: What Are Erotic Dreams?

Dreams are the best therapy for repairing the body and strengthening certain aspects such as memory; it is a cerebral activity that reproduces a huge number of situations through the subconscious, many including people and places we know. In some…

You’ve Fantasized About This — When Women Get Naughty At 40!

New Pleasure Heights — Why Women Get Naughty At 40. Sex in midlife is like wine. It only gets better with age.

Celebrity Moms Who Dared And Bared To Breastfeed

It was World Breastfeeding Week last week. And these celebrity moms sure deserve a shoutout for daring to choose their baby over…

Go Mission-aah-rie: If You Are Ace At Thrusting And She Loves Being Wrapped

Missionary is definitely the best sex position ever — an unpopular opinion but you can’t deny the pleasure now, can you?

What Else Can Your Tongue Do — Women Love Nipple Orgasm

Nipples Are Worth Playing With — How To Give Your Woman An Intense Orgasm? Yes, Nipples are for playing with so don’t ignore them in your sexual encounters. If nipples could talk they would tell their super ability to give…

13 Men Share What Their Woman’s Vagina Tastes Like

A woman’s vagina is much like pizza can come with different toppings. Some taste salty, some tangy, some pungent, some musky and others downright sweet. Here’s, What 13 men had to share on wWhat their woman’s vagina tastes like —…

Look Hot Feel Sexy — Not All Men Are Into Big Booty & Big Breasts

You don’t know what makes you seem sexy to men for sex!? You have come to the right place, so read on to find out what, how and when to be charming, hot, sensual and sexy. The ladies usually believe…

Final Take — Anal Sex Has Great Potential To Rock Your Sex Life

Not to mention — I am happy with my decision to step outside my sexual comfort zone. How about someone stimulating your ass and giving you an amazing anal sex orgasm. I have enjoyed my butt being licked, eaten and…

Global Sex Recession — Was Courtesy Technology And NOW Coronavirus Alert

Despite the shockingly vast exposure to adult movies, today’s generation is actually having less sex as compared to their grandparents. Not the best image to start with but certainly a compelling realisation. Not very surprising though considering that people in…

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