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Writer Covering Enterprise and Startup Ecosystem

Education: Bachelor's degree in Medical laboratory science from Bayero University, Kano Nigeria | Saidu is a journalist and copywriter who covers Business, Technology and Healthcare for DKODING. His interests include reading and traveling extensively.

7 Steps To Develop The Perfect Work-From-Home Ethic In 2021

A company must have a good (if not perfect) work ethic in its organization.

Life Comes Full Circle For Air India With Tata Set For Acquisition

Since Air India went public with the government having almost a 50 percent stake in it, the airline has recorded many successes as well as failures.

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads — Which Digital Marketing Strategy Best Suits Your Business Needs In 2021?

For any business startup to reach its peak of success, there is a key aspect it needs to invest in apart from its product, team, and customer acquisition. Let’s look at it squarely — businesses can’t make money without customers. So, that’s where marketing and advertisement come into the equation.

How Facebook’s Divestment Of Instagram And WhatsApp Will Impact Users

The US FTC and attorneys general from 46 states filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging gross abuse of market power and illegal acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram.