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Virgin River Season 2 Expected To Release This Year

Season 2 of Virgin River is right around the next curve, and its release date might be sooner than any of us expected. Find out when it might release. We know how hard it is to wait for the new…

Sons Of Anarchy Sequel Around Jax’s Son Abel Coming Soon

We had no idea that the creators of Sons of Anarchy were planning a sequel for us, which will revolve around Jax’s son, Abel. Yes! We too can’t contain our excitement to post this news. It’s been over a half-decade…

Everything You Need To Know About Lost In Space Season 3

It’s no secret that Netflix has renewed Lost in Space for a third season. So, we have brought you all you need to know about the upcoming season. Yes, Lost in Space season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix, and…

Harry Potter And The Streaming Battle – HBO Max Duels With Peacock

HBO Max is running out of magic, as after only a couple of months of its launch, the Harry Potter film series is moving to Peacock.

Rumour Mills Spin Faster: Henry Cavill May Ditch The Witcher And Go For The New Superman Movie

Netflix is considering replacing Henry Cavill from The Witcher Season 2, even Henry Cavill wants the same. Netflix Henry Cavill Witcher.

Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: Young Sheldon Is Good, But Young Howard Will Be Better

CBS and the creators of The Big Bang Theory are planning a Young Howard spin-off show after Young Sheldon. CBS Young Sheldon Howard.

Kim Wexler Isn’t The Angel In Better Call Saul – Warns Bob Odenkirk

“Now the mystery is – who is Kim?” Bob Odenkirk mystifies the true identity of Kim Wexler to be revealed in the Better Call Saul Season 6.

Lost In Space Season 3 Finally Has A Release Date

The “Lost in Space” fans are lost in space in absence of a release date for season 3 of the show, and only Netflix can rescue them now. It’s no surprise that Netflix renewed it’s one of the best sci-fi…

Meredith Grey Will Overcome Every Hurdle On Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

While the doctors and nurses around the world are fighting the pandemic, Meredith Grey will also be seen leading the charge against the virus in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 is in the pre-development stage and…

Cassie Randolph Explains The WHY Behind Her Controversial The Bachelor Interview

After facing extreme backlash from “The Bachelor” fans for the recent interview, Cassie Randolph took to Instagram to explain why she did the GOAT interview.

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