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Spoiler! Eight Will Make A Comeback In Stranger Things To kill Mind Flayer.

We don’t need Eleven anymore to save us from Mind Flayer in Stranger Things 4. Because Hawkins will get another saviour. Highlights Not Eleven – Eight will kill Mind Flayer in Stranger Things 4. Eight will be back in Stranger…

Brie Larson’s Willing To Star In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Movie.

After Captain Marvel in MCU’s Captain Marvel 2, it seems like Brie Larson will be moving forward with a rather fun project. Yes, it seems like Brie Larson is going to star in Animal Crossing: New Horizon movie. Can’t say…

After A Disappointing End, GOT Finale Gets A Remake

George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones thriving amid Coronavirus outbreak. Yes, as the Coronavirus lockdown continues, George RR Martine focuses on writing the next Game of Thrones book.

Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion To Return in Future Spiderman Movies

Yes! Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion Return in MCU. Major Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion to return in MCU for future Spiderma…

Surprise! Eleven In Stranger Things Is The Younger Sister Of Wanda From WandaVision

Eleven in Stranger Things sister of Wanda in MCU’s WandaVision. Yes, Eleven from Stranger Things and Wanda from MCU’s Disney+ WandaVision are sisters.

Marvel Paying Brie Larson More To Lead The Avengers In MCU Phase 4

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to lead Avengers in MCU Phase 4. Yes, Marvel is paying Brie Larson more than any avengers to make Captain Marvel the captain of MCU.

Coronavirus Cancels Captain America And Thor’s Mission Boston.

Thor and Captain America were all set to fly off to Boston. They had a mission to accomplish. Their fans and the ones in the need to be saved were waiting for them with hope. But the threat was bigger,…

Nothing Is Real In Stranger Things, It’s All In Eleven’s Mind

Upside Down in Stranger Things is Eleven’s dream. Yes, this is true, everything in Stranger Things, including Upside Down, is nothing more than Eleven’s imagination. Highlights — What if Upside Down in Stranger Things is only El’s imagination? Upside Down…

Back For Brie — Chris Evans Re-Enters MCU With Captain Marvel 2

Captain America, Captain Marvel and Killmonger, a love triangle in MCU? Chris Evans aka Captain America and Michael B. Jordon aka Killmonger are in love with Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel.

Truth! Tom Cruise Never Wanted Top Gun Maverick To Happen

Tom Cruise rejected Top Gun Maverick. Yes, Tom Cruise who played Maverick in the original Top Gun never wanted to make a Top Gun sequel…

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