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4 Sex Positions That Can Take Your Sex Life From Vanilla To WOW!

4 Sex Positions That Are A Must Try This Year. Sometimes, a normal routine gets mundane and monotonous. And the same goes for sex life. When you have sex in the same and/or favourite position/s for a while, it may…

Relationship Quiz That Tells It ALL! Time To Pause And Check The Pulse, Don’t You think?

How Strong And Healthy Is Your Relationship? It’s heartbreaking how two people in a relationship sometimes can go from everything to nothing in just no time. From dates, dinners, late night memories – all the old good days of nothing…

Perfect Tinder Bio — If You Are Looking For Just One Night Stand

Raised in the era of 90s with heavy doses of romance spoon fed to us, many of us still hope for that highly romanticized chance encounter with the love of our life. Our soul mate. Our one and only. OR…

Masturbating Everyday Keeps The Doctor Away. Let’s Add A Sex Toy

Women can be tricky when it comes to reaching climax during sex. Oh well, too many factors contribute to this sad ending like stress, dryness, and lack of emotional intimacy. Ladies, need that spot to be hit really hard (not literally ouch!)

All The Time In The World To Take Sex Up A Notch — Women’s Edition

When it comes to sex, there are various fascinating things that a woman can try in bed. Sometimes, changing the routine can really change your whole outlook towards sex.

FaceSitting — There Are Worse Ways To Spend Your Sunday But This Is Genuinely Fun

The best thing about facesitting and its ways is you can get an orgasm and a thigh workout all at the same time! It’s a two benefit road!

8 Different Types Of Vagina — From High Maintenance To A Designer Vagina

Choose Your Favourite: 8 Different Types Of Vagina! Believe it or not, but there are differnet types of vagina in the world! Even though they’re distinctively unique from each other — They all seem to have a charm and personality…

11 Most Googled And Frequently Asked Sex Questions

You and everybody you know has more than a few questions about sex that remain unanswered. You could have many sexual interactions and still have questions about it. Sex remains a stigmatised topic. The questions it leaves behind are curious…

Sexual Quirk — Rough Enough To Make Her Squirt

A k*nk is a “sexual taste”. The sexual focal point that brings you pleasure because you are engaging in it. You can all have various different quirks and k*nks when you are in bed with your partner.

Why Is It Healthy To Watch Adult Movies?

Adult movies have forever been doing good to you more than you’ll ever realize. Have you ever wondered that it could be the sole reason behind all your wild fantasies and the secret behind you knowing so much!

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