Ram Mohan

More Vijay Mallyas And Kingfishers In The Offing As Panic Looms Large Across Airlines Globally

The Global Airlines Industry is in for a rough ride in the coming months. Smart business strategies and governmental bailouts are needed to prevent a bloodbath in a sector that depends on passenger perceptions of availability and safety.

Jury Is Out On Whether Trump Distrusts Democracy Enough To Ignite A Civil War

What would happen if Trump loses the election in November? How would he take defeat? How would his base would react? — There are many who fear that the incumbent President might very well refuse to accept the result of the election and could end up instigating his base towards unconstitutional means.

Trump Is Only Hurting Himself By Undermining The FAANG

While low wage workers suited the requirements of much of corporate America, Big Corporates and Big Tech firms generally looked the other way as Trump cracked down on low wage immigrants. The corporate honchos did not envisage that Trump would also go after high skilled Tech Workers.

How Big A Cheque Should Modi Write To Save 1.3 Billion Indians?

How much, how wide, and how far should the Indian Government go with fiscal stimulus package in its bid to revive the economy after more than 40 days of halt. We ponder.

1,70,00,000 Indian SMEs To Shutdown…

This article examines whether the Indian SME sector would survive the disruption caused by the Covid 19 lockdown. Already struggling, Indian SMEs are faced with a Perfect Storm of converging trends. The government needs to step in to save the sector. SMEs too should learn to be resilient now.

Why Facebook’s New Partnership In India Matters — For Competitors And Customers Alike

Facebook announced that it has picked up a minority stake in India’s Telecom Behemoth, Reliance’s Jio platforms. The Facebook investment in Jio is valued at Rs. 43, 574 Crore for a 9.99 % stake, making the overall valuation of Jio Platforms at Rs. 4.62 Lakh Crore.