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I breathe and live words. I’m a poet, a dreamer, and a writer of anything and everything that ignites fire within me.

Manhattan In The Heart, Madrid In The Mind: Valeria Is Sex And The City 2.0

A writer, four bffs, steamy romance, and a hell lot of conflict. Feels like you’ve been there, done that? Why wouldn’t it? After all, it was all about that and more in the 90s when one of the most groundbreaking…

Dead To Me Season 3 Plans To Roll Out In All Likelihood

With all that’s been going on in the world, Netflix sure seems to be on fire. Rolling out a couple of groundbreaking series back to back seems to be ending nowhere.  Damn right, the viewers cannot be any more thankful.…

Robert Downey Jr’s Stunning Move From Marvel To DC

Marvel veteran Robert Downey Jr turns a new leaf with DC’s Sweet Tooth series for Netflix Things sure love surprising you when you least expect them to. Of course, Robert Downey Jr loves doing things way out of his character…

Lanky Michael Jackson As Spider-Man Could Have Graced The Screens

Michael Jackson’s nephew talks about how the king of pop wished to play Spider Man in the 90s. What if I tell you that if things had gone smooth, Michael Jackson would have been the owner of Marvel. Would you…

Jennifer Lawrence As Mystique Gears Up To Kill Brie Larson In Captain Marvel 2

The mutant universe is planning on sending its warriors to the MCU in Captain Marvel 2 So, the rumour mill is at its craziest. Now that we have heard that there is about to be a masterpiece of crossover between…

Spider Man Steals Dr. Strange’s Cloak And Superpowers

A fan made poster takes the mixed up storyline game up a notch for Marvel Marvel cannot get any better than this. Guess what I am talking about. The much talked about upcoming animated series of Marvel – What if..?…

Marvel Vs DC: Captain Marvel And Wonder Woman Ready For The Biggest Showdown

In a latest fanart, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are seen gearing up for a showdown Are you all for woman power? Well, then I take it you were absolutely overwhelmed when you saw two of the most powerful female…

Together At Home: Lady Gaga Shuts The Door On Trump’s Face — Savagery Level 99999

One world: Together at home managed to make $128mn for the WHO’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund

The Odds Of Michelle Obama As America’s Vice President Skyrocket

A few days ago, Biden announced that his vice president would be a female. Many female leaders have been speculated to take up the role. Albeit the most largely talked about is the former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama.

What Would Barack Obama’s Endorsement Bring To The Table For Joe Biden?

In a video released on Tuesday, former president Barack Obama endorsed former vice president Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential 2020 US elections.

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