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Marvel To Copy Stranger Things Storyline To Bring Back Tony Stark

Phase 4 of MCU is all set to drown the fandom in nostalgia by bringing back all the avengers from the dead MCU is all set to roll its much anticipated phase 4 with the standalone movie of Black Widow.…

Stranger Things Season 4 – Hopper Left As A Hero, Comes Back As A Villain

Chief Hopper is alive and in a Russian prison. The latest teaser shows him working on a railway track with other inmates. What is brewing?…

Tom Hiddleston Meets Owen Wilson In Loki – Marvel’s Trickster Up Against Another Trickster On The Loose

Has the trickster found a friend or another trickster on the loose? Owen Wilson is all set to star in the solo series Loki. The nature of the

Disney+ To Launch MCU’s Animated Production What if..? In Summer 2021

Can’t keep calm, can we? The roster of superheroes that’s going to debut on Disney+ will be huge and probably confusing. Can’t keep calm…

Stranger Things Season 4: Duffer Brothers Have A Different End for Hopper In Mind

Stranger things season 4 will be full of drama, twists, surprises, and heartbreaking emotions; brace yourself. Ever since I have laid eyes…

Young Superheros All Set To Rival Brie Larson For Avengers 5 Lead Role

Kevin Feige has expressed his desire to have a new and young roster of superheroes in the league of Avengers.  Marvel is going to greet the much anticipated phase 4 with the upcoming Black Widow standalone movie. Through phase 4…

Marvel Plans A Family Guy Makeover For Ryan Reynolds To Make Deadpool MCU-Eligible

After having been taken under Disney, will Ryan Reynolds’ highest-grossing R-rated movie still be the same?  Deadpool 3 is in the making and fans are worried if it will be rated R. After Disney bought the right to Fox’s Marvel…

Brie Larson Set To Be Captain America’s Official Replacement in Avengers 5

Brie Larson is officially an Avenger. In the upcoming Avengers 5, there’ll be surprises, tragedies, and more. Avengers

Brie Larson Is Back At It Again: Captain Marvel 2 Release Date Confirmed

On what glorious date will Captain Marvel 2 release and sway it’s fans more than ever before

Duffer Brothers Decide To Split Stranger Things Season 4 In Two Parts

Stranger things 4 is rumoured to split in two parts leading to the finale. Could Hopper be alive only to be trapped in the upside-down? …

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