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Pritika Ghura
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Difference Between Trump And Obama And Why It Would Have Mattered The Most NOW

An Objective Comparison – Obama’s handling of H1N1 flu and Ebola virus versus Trump’s handling of Coronavirus

10 Things That Can Happen To You When You Stop Having Sex

While Coronavirus has made all our lives difficult, it is especially hard for singles who are not able to go out, socialize and find potential partners to date and mate. While this may make you feel deprived of pleasure, the dry spell — when you stop having sex — can unfortunately play havoc with your health and mental wellbeing.

Taylor Swift Brings Sunshine On A Platter For Coronavirus Hit Fans

Taylor Swift – The singer sent $3,000 to two of her fans who were facing financial hardships due to Covid-19.

Coronavirus Threatens To Thrust US Real Estate Into A Devastating Depression

The US Real Estate loss due to Coronavirus Could be a lot worse than combined damage by 1987 Crash, Sep 11 Attacks And 2008 Recession Though the damage caused by coronavirus on US real estate is not felt as much…

How To Make Lockdown Orgasm-Filled And Sex Friendly

Impact of Coronavirus on relationships, sex and the world of offline dating… There is no denying that touch can strengthen relationships, convey your emotion as well as considered as a prerequisite to sex and intimacy. Be it holding hands or…

Pornhub Rewards It’s Pattrons — Premium Membership Made Free

In an attempt to help people pass time during lockdowns and self-isolation as a result of Coronavirus, Pornhub gives us a reason to rejoice by offering its premium service free for everyone across the world. Understanding the plight of people,…

Stubborn Trump Is A Bigger Threat To America Than Coronavirus — Experts

Trump Vs Doctors: 158 Million Americans Told To Stay Home (In Mr. Trump’s America).Coronavirus Lockdown Threatens 10 Million People To Be Jobless The US economy seems to be heading towards a massive depression with millions facing unemployment and businesses in…

Need Authentic Info On Coronavirus — Visit Google Covid-19 Website Only

Google’s new website on Coronavirus offers information about the pandemic, prevention measures as well as local resources.  Read on… As Coronavirus has become its biggest search topic by a country, Google has recently launched a new website that is dedicated to the…

How The World Will Change After The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On The World — Crushed Economy, Shut Businesses And People Home.

Latest News & Covid-19 Q&A: Why Mankind Is Losing The Battle Against Coronavirus?

The latest Covid-19 Q&A and News The big question is — Will coronavirus defeat all science and human wisdom?

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