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Preeti Khanuja

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Founding Board Member - DKODING Media. A Sassy Unaplogetic Feminist diagnosed Positive for New Age Superpowers. All Consuimg Momhood, Neurotic Creativity and bollywood Obsession Syndrome.

Why Do Women Love Watching Lesbian P{}rn

Love Watching Lesbian Sex! We have all been there. Some of us are still there. Just browsing through p*rn sights for hours

The three of them all appear to be having an outstanding time taking turns (But…)

The more the merrier may sound like a good idea in bed but… there are many things nobody told you about the threesome fun. A fantasy comes true for some, a threesome is a dream that many dream. But how…

Bollywood’s ‘New Raj’ who is not the Stereotypical ‘Bollywood Raj’

Happy Birthday Rajkumar Rao! Rajkummar Rao for the longest time, Bollywood had been a hero driven industry. It feels the Indians righteously indignant hero constantly, who lived a lavish star lift off-screen.

DKODING as the name suggests is on a crusade to bring out the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY’ in a world drowning with fury and frenzy. It provides deeper insights and perspectives beyond NEWS.

Breaking burning issues through a narrative that is fresh, fearless and fiery.


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