Pragyaa Chandel

Pragyaa Chandel

Media Professional, Anchor & Journalist

Education: M.A Economics (S.N.D.T Women's University, Mumbai), M.A in Media Studies & International Conflict (University College Dublin, Ireland), PhD Candidate in Media and Gender Studies (Dublin City University) Pragyaa Chandel describes herself as a Bibliophile. She has worked with Zee Business and ET NOW as a broadcast reporter and news anchor for many years. Presently on a study sabbatical, Pragyaa is pursuing her Master's programme in Media Studies and International Conflict at the Clinton Institute, University College Dublin, and has recently been awarded her Ph.D. scholarship from DCU School of Communications. Her research interests lie in media and gender studies. Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Painting, and Sketching.

How Russian Meddling Won Trump The Presidency — They’re At It Again

Alongside celebrity gossip, some prominent US publications feature news articles from Russian media houses. US Intelligence identifies these as sources of “Russian propaganda” targeted at manipulating the Elections.

The Rot Runs Deeper Than The Deepfake Technology Problem — But There’s A Vaccine

As if damages arising from the fake news problem were not enough, there is more trouble brewing in the form of a technology known as “deepfakes”. And harm done by fake news can be insipid when compared with deepfakes.

In Virus’ Hold, Trump And Republicans See Amy Coney Barrett As Their Only Hope For Election Victory

With the virus gripping the GOP, Trump and the Republicans now look to the Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to save them from Electoral Oblivion.

Kangana, Tapsee, Sonam, Anushka: Protagonists Of A New Wave Redefine Gender Roles In Bollywood

“Change is the constant variable of our life”. Indeed! the new wave cinema in India has been attempting to showcase this exponentially, over the past few decades.