Nicholas Sheppard

Chief Editorial Advisor

Nicholas Sheppard is a freelance journalist published in Politico, The Daily Beast, The Federalist, The Washington Examiner Flux Magazine, RT, and various Newspapers, and is the author of the novel Broken Play.

Warning Signs Flashing For The Biden Campaign In The Last Days Of The US Election

With just days to go, a race that has remained surprisingly steady for months is flashing some warning signs that things are tightening, and Joe Biden’s advantage may not be as strong as it seems.

In An Improved Debate Performance, Trump Fails To Find A Game-Changing Moment

In the last debate of this campaign cycle, President Trump improved somewhat from his combative and disruptive performance in the first debate, but at this late stage trailing so substantially in the polls, he really needed a game changing moment or a gaffe from his opponent in order to have any realistic chance of reversing his fortunes.

How History Will Be Made In The US Election 2020

If President Trump were to lose by the current margins in the polls, it would be the greatest popular vote defeat suffered by an incumbent since 1932.

5 Takeaways From The Mike Pence-Kamala Harris Vice Presidential Debate

5 takeaways from a Vice-Presidential debate that featured a civil tone, evasive answers and a meme-worthy fly.

The 25th Amendment Scenarios: If President Trump’s Health Continues To Dip

We have never been here before. The President and the First lady have contracted Covid-19. In the best case scenario he is asymptomatic, is able to continue with his duties, and after a two week quarantine returns to the presidential campaign. In other, far worse scenarios, a deterioration in Trump’s condition could set in motion a political drama without precedent, testing the Constitution with the first ever invoking of the 25th Amendment.

5 Takeaways From The Worst Debate In Presidential History

Trump bulldozes his way through the debate with attacks and falsehoods. Biden proves his stamina and discipline are acceptable.

What To Look Out For In The First US Presidential Debate Of 2020

What to look for in the first US Presidential Debate 2020: the multitude of issues, scandals and unfolding news events, Biden’s potential for a gaffe, fact-check Trump in real time and personal attacks.

The Battle Over The Supreme Court Seat Has Upended The US Election

The Battle to Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Seat Could Backfire for Republicans – Or Lead to a Pyrrhic Victory for Joe Biden.

Republican Hypocrisy On The Supreme Court Will Reshape America For A Generation

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is pressing ahead in his effort to confirm a new Supreme Court justice to fill the seat vacated by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Lovecraft Country Is An Unsatisfying Jumble Of Metaphors, Tones And Genres

Lovecraft Country review — for all its profound depictions of the ache of segregation, the show falters in its efforts to use horror and the supernatural as metaphors for racism and oppression. Episode 5 has just aired.