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Nandini Sen is an independent writer specializing in politics & culture, including varied facets of the latter such as cinema and literature.

Top Movies To Make Sense Of The Immigrant Experience In Trump’s World

For decades, cinema across nations has masterfully captured the universality of the immigrant experience, untouched by the disparity of time and characters. Here’s a list of five of the best movies on immigration, distinguished by their ageless humanism and tribute to the indomitable human spirit.

How An Alternative Model Of Learning Espoused By A Budget Private School Could Be The Future Of Education

Dismal though all of this may sound, hope isn’t lost. India is already witnessing a nascent revolution in the school education sector, all thanks to a man who didn’t just lament the failures of the system, but chose to act in order to rectify them. And blazed a trail with his Muni International School.

The Importance Of Bernie Sanders In Trump’s America

But as the United States finds itself in the throes of a burgeoning crisis – public health, economic, and social – a close look at Bernie Sanders’ core political beliefs reveals their remarkable prescience and prudence, particularly in the current context.

Why Mary Trump’s Tell-All, Or Any Other Tell-All, Won’t Be Donald Trump’s Nemesis

The book written by Donald Trump’s niece is the latest addition to a lengthy list of damaging books written by Trump’s detractors. But Trump’s own actions and reactions may have a far greater role in his undoing than a bunch of blockbuster exposés.

#BlackLivesMatter: We Blamed Quantico Star Priyanka Chopra For India’s Systemic Anti-Black Bias And Moved On

Twitterati were quick to react to these stars’ calls for justice. They called them out for their pin-drop silence at caste-based violence and atrocities against minorities in India. And they correctly pointed out that both Chopra and Khan had endorsed “fairness” creams in the past.

India’s Kashmir Policy: Lessons To Be Learnt From Israel And Sri Lanka

It may be too early for India to indulge in triumphalism over the implementation of the new domicile rule for Jammu & Kashmir. As Israel and Sri Lanka illustrate, seizing and occupying territories may mean victory, but almost always Pyrrhic.

Hindi Cinema’s Vanishing Treasures Of Syncretism: Muslim Characters Over 60 Years

From magnanimous friends and fearless patriots in the 1950s and 1960s to menacing gangsters and coldblooded terrorists in the 1990s and 2000s, the Muslim in Bollywood has changed a great deal over the decades.

BJP, Congress And The Great Game Of “Poaching” In Indian Politics

It is not mere luck that has aided the BJP’s victories, but a string of cunning manoeuvres straight out of Machiavelli’s treatise. Likewise, political insouciance, not always ill-luck, has proven to be the Congress’s nemesis.

Vanishing Treasures Of Syncretism In Hindi Cinema: The Magic Known As Urdu

While there isn’t a scintilla of doubt that Hindi cinema has matured and metamorphosed over the decades, it has unfortunately also lost much along the way. One of these things is its portrayal of India’s cherished Hindu-Muslim syncretism through a profusion of Urdu dialogues and lyrics.

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