Mehak Walia

Mehak Walia

Entertainment writer covering the TV and Web genre

Education: B. Arts in English Literature with a minor in Psychology and French, and a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. | Mehak Walia covers the TV and Web stories for DKODING Media Inc. Before this, she has contributed to the celebrity and lifestyle beat. She started as a marketing professional with copywriting and social media as her forté and worked for firms like, Across the globe and Initiating you and Frapp India. She has also worked as the senior content strategist and HR Manager for Endorphins Entertainment Pvt. Ltd with Skoda India, Volvo India, Times of India, Local-Global and various others as her clients. She has written three books (fiction) and has been a part of various anthologies. Mehak also takes a particular interest in social work and psychology and has worked for various social stems of the country, including Smiles Foundation and Youth Awakening.

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