Mark Kaley

With over 15 years of experience consulting with large and small businesses, providing them with management, marketing, and business consulting services, Mark Kaley is an entrepreneur at heart, an advocate for small businesses, a passionate storyteller, and author of “From Pennies to Millions.” Since joining Otter PR, Mark has had massive success with his clients, landing them placements in CNBC, Yahoo! News, CBS News, Time, Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, US News & World Report, Investor’s Business Daily, Tech Crunch, Tech Target, Bloomberg, Insider, Spectrum News, Miami Herald, The Street, Charlotte Observer, Forbes, and Fortune. Mark has been featured in Fox Business, PR Pioneer, O’Dwyer PR, and Consumer Affairs.

Link-By-Link: Scaling Business Through Technological Innovation

As a business owner, you’ve learned to stay in touch with emerging trends in marketing technology, but have you done the same regarding web3 and the blockchain? These two technologies have been present for over a decade, but likely haven’t…