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Education: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi | Manjari is a senior content communications specialist who has worked extensively across print, broadcast and digital media. She has held key leadership positions in international media and publishing organizations. She writes extensively on sociopolitical and cultural issues.

Chinese Pandemic PR Maneuver Puts Xi Jinping’s Propaganda Heroes In Harm’s Way

Facing severe global criticism over the outbreak and subsequent handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Beijing’s attempt to steer the narrative with a propagandist, pandemic-themed TV drama seems to have misfired.

Oscar-Bashing To Trump-Lauding: Kirstie Alley Marshals Hollywood’s Right-Wing Brigade

Responding to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ new set of inclusion requirements for award-eligible films, 69-year old actress, Kirstie Alley

Mulan’s Release Throws Spotlight On Controversial Sino-Disney Relationship

China’s gag on media coverage and global calls for boycott have made Disney’s Mulan the most politically consequential movie of 2020.

Tim Davie’s Impartial Survival Strategy Helps Trump But Hurts BBC’s Funny Bone

BBC’s new director’s plans are being seen as a reaction to a perceived prejudice in these shows against the Conservative Party, Brexit and US President Donald Trump. The new director-general of BBC, Tim Davie, who took over on 1st September…

Past Woes Worry The Queen About Meghan And Harry’s Netflix Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal is being touted as an ‘unquantifiable’ and ‘unprecedented’ commercial opportunity but the Queen might have a thought or two about it Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to California earlier this year. The pair…

The Netflix-Cuties Poster Row Stirs Modern Cultural Tensions Over Hyper-Sexualization Of Adolescent Girls

Netflix sought to address mass-outrage and accusations of sexualizing pre-teen girls by apologising and taking down a promo image for French-Senegalese film, Cuties (Mignonnes), which depicted the young actresses posing in skimpy, spandex dance costumes. Amidst the controversy, the makers of the film stressed their intention to address the very issue of sexualisation of young girls as the central theme.

From Netflix Documentary To Spotify Podcast, Michelle Obama Inspires America To Liberate Itself

In her podcast, Obama’s views are fairly optimistic while acknowledging the current state of world affairs. In the latest edition of Michelle Obama Podcast, she spoke to her brother about his first impression of Barak Obama, their favourite jazz music and growing up. She even opened up about her own struggles and experiences with menopause and changing hormones.

Demi Moore’s Erotic Podcast Overcomes The Limits Of Porn In Exploring Female Sexuality

Written from a deeply personal perspective, Dirty Diana tells the story of Shane Feste’s fraying marriage and eventual reconciliation with her husband. The protagonist, played by Moore, is a corporate financial executive, caught in a web of secret cravings as she juggles her career, a sexless marriage and a surreptitious life as the host of a website that allows women to express their sexual fantasies.

Prime Time News Coverage Turns Into Spoofs Of Top Gun And CSI

It felt like scenes from a B-grade war film or some pathetic attempts at making medical thrillers. Or perhaps even spoofs of Top Gun or CSI. Unfortunately, these were prime time ‘news’ segments from a few of India’s mainstream private broadcasters.

The CW’s Riverdale Season 5 Is A Victim Of Over-Reliance On The Seinfeld Pitch

While Seinfeld itself claimed to be a show about ‘nothing,’ it grew to be regarded as one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time. It appears ‘The pitch’ may have appealed to the makers of Riverdale, who have set about attempting to prove George right. If something is on TV, or now, on OTT platforms — people will watch it!