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5 Round Sunglasses Every Man Should Try

Don’t think that they will look good on you? Well, leave that to us. Read on how to find the best suited round sunglasses for men and then find the top picks of the season:

TiE Global Summit Brings The Curtain Down With Lifetime Achievement Award For Bill Gates

TiE Lifetime Achievement Award conferred to Bill Gates and Lifetime Achievement Service to Indian IT Industry posthumously to late FC Kohli, Father of Indian IT Industry and Lifetime Achievement Family Business Transformation to Bill Marriott of Marriott International.

TiE Global Summit To Act As A True Elixir For Entrepreneurs Faced By Challenges

While the established business houses have struggled to keep their footing amid the COVID-19 induced recession, entrepreneurs have been the worst-hit of the lot. As traditional business models faltered, it became nearly impossible for them to explore new opportunities, but the summit offers a renewed hope for every struggling entrepreneur.

You Have Heard Of Bitcoin, But Did You Know About Ethereum

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency on the planet, but it is time to start paying attention to Ethereum if you are looking for a smart investment.

Mulan to Go Digital Could Have (Un)intended implications

Disney opts for a digital release for Mulan, a move that has stunned theatres the world over and sent seismic shockwaves too through the film industry. Is this a sign of the beginnings an irreversible shift in the industry…? If…

LipHue Launches India’s First AR-Enabled E-Commerce Platform for Custom Lipsticks ~ Why Be Standard? When You Can Be Your Own! ~

Lipsticks are a versatile and universal cosmetic product adored by women all over the world. The ageless and most preferred beauty product has cast a spell over cultures throughout history.


The brand officially launches itself digitally in September 2020 to the Indian market. Inspired by the eternal and undeniable beauty of Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Italian business tycoon Lorenzo Riva founded LR Wonder Company in 2012, in Milan, Italy. The company’s vision was simple: Perfect skin should not be confined to only our perception of stars and celebrities – it should be accessible to everyone

What are Crystal Methodologies of Agile

It says much for agile’s popularity that numerous IT professionals are so keen to acquire scrum master training and certification! Knowing this, many establishments, including Simplilearn, are offering coaching for scrum master certification. To know more about what such a program…

Amidst rare health updates, Mick Schumacher opens up about similarities with father

While the updates on Michael Schumacher health recovery are thining, his son, Mick Schumacher is making news as he walks in the F1 legend…

Mjolnir Men: Marvel and DC characters worthy of the Hammer of Thor

Only the worthy can wield the hammer of Thor. Mjolnir is the ultimate weapon and there are only a few who can possess the ..