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Mabel Judith Andrady
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Mabel Andrady graduated from Jesus and Mary College with her bachelor's of Arts in Sociology. She is a content writer for media companies and various non profits. She writes on entertainment — Hollywood being her favourite

Not CBS But HBO Max May Reboot Person Of Interest

Yes, that’s right! Person of Interest may be back. If this were to really happen, 2020 wouldn’t be too bad after all. The newest OTT platform, HBO Max, has been topping off other platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, with…

Here’s Why Breaking Bad Season 6 Might Not Be Picked By AMC

Yes, that’s right! With all the speculations about a ‘Breaking Bad’ reboot making the rounds, the show might not be picked by AMC, after all.

Can There Be A Breaking Bad Girls? Scrubs Star Turned Director Zach Braff Wants One For Sure

This is finally happening! After watching five seasons of men as leads, it was right about the time that Zach Braff spoke about wanting the new series ‘Breaking Bad Girls’.

10 Compelling Fan Theories That Can Lead To A Breaking Bad Season 6 Reboot

That’s right! Over the past 8 years, various fan theories about ‘Breaking Bad’ have got a good amount of attention on the internet.

Netflix Plans A Reboot Of Homeland For Season 9 With Major Changes In The Cast And Plot

Yes, that’s right! According to online sources, Netflix is planning to reboot ‘Homeland’ for season 9 but with big changes to the cast and plot. The American spy thriller has been reviewed as an addictive show with characters that resonate…

Kunal Nayyar Being Upset With CBS Could Bring Us A Brand New Season 13 Of The Big Bang Theory

After a year since its ending, Kunal Nayyar aka Raj Koothrappali is quite upset with CBS, Chuck Lorre, and Jim Parsons for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finale. Could this disapproval also be the reason for his recent decision to take…

After All The Spin-Offs, It’s About Time The Vampire Diaries Gets Renewed For Season 9

After ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies’ became big hits in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ franchise, fans strongly believe it is well about time that the series is renewed for season 9. Highlights The show has a bigger fan base than ever. Ian…

American TV Show Billions Season 6 Delayed: New Release Date Update

Currently on its fifth season, ‘Billions’ was halfway through production when shooting was forced to temporarily halt. As a result, season 6 has been delayed indefinitely. Read on to know more. Highlights What the American TV drama is all about?…

Yes You Heard That Right! Teen Wolf Could Finally Make A Comeback With Season 7

As ‘Teen Wolf’ came to an end in 2017, fans were not very pleased with its season finale and have been pleading for a revival ever since.

The Crown Season 4 To Release Right On Schedule Just Like The Queen

That’s right! The British historical drama, ‘The Crown’, might be renewed for season 4 earlier than expected. Pretty much like everyone in the UK and around the world, the British Royals have always had the most media coverage for their…

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