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7 Netflix Movies With So Sweet And So Hot Sex. So Steamy.

If you want to ‘Netflix and Chill’ in the truest way possible, either by yourself or with your partner, the streaming service (Netflix) has a thing or two to offer from its piggy.  Netflix offers a world full of amazing…

The Female Orgasm — 4 Ways To Tell If Your Woman Has Had One

4 Telltale Signs Of A Woman’s Orgasm You are having sex with your woman, she claims she ‘came’, and you notice all or some of the physical evidence of her experience before she hits the ‘big-O’. But, have you ever…

I Am A Married Woman And I Love Watching Porn

Porn has been blamed for everything. Right from a failed marriage, sexual dysfunction and even ruined several careers. We as women have been told porn consumption is, if not the same then more toxic and damaging as drug abuse.

If You’re A Fan Of Anything ANAL — Just Press Click!

For many women, just hearing the words “anal sex” can make them clench their cheeks and change the subject

69ing Is Gorgeous And Real Hot — Why Men Love 69 Sex

69 is a controversial position and that’s why it makes us wonder why men love it so much? Love it or hate it, either way,

Coronavirus Lockdown Best Revenge: Grow Your Penis Size

Ever heard of a penis pump? It’s for when you feel tiny or small below the belt. But before trying it out, carefully learn how to use a penis pump the right way.

Future Of Sex — Let’s Buy A Sex Doll

Humanisation Of Sex Dolls — Can Sex Dolls Replace Humans In the Future Once considered a fetish sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic and normal in today’s times. Numerous men and women are buying sex dolls or we…

Why Do Women And Bad Boys Make A Great Match

You may have heard the term “moves” floating the air when you are hanging with your guy group. Have you wondered what on earth are these moves?

Celebs Who Are Setting Free The Nipples And No Bra Trend

Stop Wearing Bras! Who Likes Them? See How Celebs are Starting a New ‘Braless’ Trend — Free The Nipples The article covers comrehensive benefits of not wearing bras and how its good for the health of women. Plus Videos carrying…

How She Fell In Love With Anal Sex

Some women have vaginal orgasms, some don’t. Some women can get off from nipple stimulation, while others cannot. For starters, it’s pretty

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