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Lakshya Law

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Specialises in covering stories relating to Lifestyle. Het style is to laybare senstive topics with utmost precision and present them in a comrehensive manner.

Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Of All Time

Many celebs opt for cosmetic surgeries, but sometimes they fail to their homework. Hence, leading to plastic surgery blunders in Hollywood.

7 Things To Never Say On Tinder If You Want A Date

You’ve got matches on tinder and now you either really want to meet or just get it on, however, there are texts you should always avoid.

Signs That Your Partner Might Not Be Enjoying Sex

Your sex life says a lot about the relationship however, there are chances your partner is not even enjoying that mind blowing sex.

Prince William’s Royal ‘Heir- Fall’: Receding Hair and Diminishing Popularity

We have gone back in history and covered some of the important events in Prince William’s life, alongside, his changing looks.

Sex In The Office? It’s Actually Yes and No Both

Sleeping with your coworkers, i.e office sex is never a good idea.

I am paralyzed and yet a high demand sex worker!

I am Maria 36, and I’m paralyzed with quadriplegia and I am a sex worker.

Ladies Who Made A Debut Appearance At The Red Carpet Of Emmy’s 2019!

Ladies who glistened at the Emmy Award with their debuts! The Emmy’s have always represented the high fashion of the tv world and the carpet!

Attention Gentlemen! Wanna Know What Your Woman Is Thinking During Sex?

There are a lot of weird thoughts that go on in our mind during sex. From the mundane to the exciting, nothing can stop the flow of thoughts in our brain, not even sex. Sex is a fun, relaxing and…

What Does Your Bag Say About Your Personality?

Psychologists have said that the type and the way you carry a bag decide your personality. If bags could talk what would they say about you?

12 Amazing Ways To Style Your Scarf Like A Celebrity

There are infinite ways to drape a scarf and celebs are a great inspiration when it comes to styling it. Here are just some of the ways!