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Cardi B’s Take On Sex — Masturbation And Why Men Love To Watch Women Masturbate?

Men love to watch women masturbate is a proven fact much like the sun rises from the East, the Earth is round and the Law of Gravity. But the million dollar question is that what is it about woman touching…

AI-Based Deepfake: How It Can Destroy The World?

The future AI has something which will make you doubt the reality, doubt the existence of everything you see or hear on digital platforms

Do You Know Women Love A Little Hair Pulling During Sex

Do you know that pulling a woman’s hair during sex can actually intensify her orgasm and how much hair pulling can escalate her sexual experience. Yes, along with some hair pulling, she also loves having her hair played in. Most…

Love And Relationship 2020 — It Takes $ 0.00 To Get Very Wet On This Roller Coaster Ride

Isn’t the first weekend of the ‘New Year’ a great time to take some stock of the year gone by and build an excellent year ahead. There is no harm to ponder upon things that need a certain tweak and…

Humanisation Of Sex Dolls — Can Sex Dolls Replace Humans In the Future

Future Of Sex — Let’s Buy A Sex Doll Once considered a fetish sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic and normal in today’s times. Numerous men and women are buying sex dolls or we can say realistic sex…

Celebs Who Ditched Their Brunettes And Went Blonde

There are plenty of hair colors that go in and out of style. Here we list out celebs who ditched their natural hair color and went blonde.

11 Most Googled And Frequently Asked Sex Questions

You and everybody you know has more than a few questions about sex that remain unanswered. You could have many sexual interactions and still have questions about it. Sex remains a stigmatised topic. The questions it leaves behind are curious…

Guys When Women Initiate Sex – It’s Sensuous, Romantic, Wild & Kinky

13 women share their ways to initiate sex and drive their men crazzzyyy! Initiating sex is one of the most important part of a couples sex life. A relationship is considered healthy when both partners want and initiate sex equally.…

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