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Masturbation: A More Effective Way To Destress Than Having Wine, Carbs Or Sugar

Masturbation — the highest form of self-pleasure, self-love and self-care. You might have caressed your Lil’ billy into a sock, really enjoyed your carrot or cucumber, humped a cushion like an aroused bunny, or just used your hands to do…

The Future Of Online Dating After The Pandemic

Dating was one of the first casualties of the pandemic that has now swept around the globe. People that were almost in a relationship had to suddenly leave it all behind or move online for their relationship to continue. Nobody…

Men Thrive on Sex — What If You Can’t Get Your Little John Up

Here are some reasons why sometimes the sails don’t go up. Poor men! Loss of Erection? For all the blessings bestowed upon the gender with XY chromosome, God did hand out a cruel, raw deal to the testosterone-pumping lot. It…

Top 5 ‘Men Sex Fantasies’ To Bloody Kill Coronavirus

With Colleges shut, Offices getting sanitized — People being forced to work from home and couples perhaps in self imposed isolation, if so. The situation is scary but at the same time — Are these the times to bond which…

My Mom’s Boyfriend Caught Me Masturbating (Rocked My World)

We all must have been there, got caught masturbating! The pulse rate is racing, on the verge of an amazing orgasm and you hear someone knocking at the door. Either you have to quickly finish the orgasm or leave it…

Anal Sex Gone Whorribly Wrong — How To Find Light At The End Of The Shitty Tunnel

So, few years back I had anal sex with my then boyfriend for the very first time. He happened to be one of those self proclaimed anal-pro’s and always boasted about how I am missing on something in life by…

Women Who Watch Porn!

Porn is no longer a tabooed subject for women and so they watch it now, openly. Here’s why watching the right sexy videos can be good!

10 Myths About Vagina And Peeing After Sex

Peeing after sex is one of those myths that you must have heard to protect yourself from urinary tract infection (UTI). But is that really necessary? And, what if you don’t follow the peeing after sex rule?

Charming His Pants Off: The Result — Insanely Hot Sex

Learning how to give a guy the best slow and sexy blowjob ever of his life is one of the best gifts you can offer him

I Don’t Love Kinky Sex — Said No Man Ever

Kinky Sex! You need to put on your best attire to get the most of that applause (Probably on your peach). It’s easy to seduce your man by just

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