Kadambari Srivastava

Kadambari Srivastava

Entertainment writer covering the TV and Web genre

Education: CA Intermediate from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, B. Com, National PG College, Lucknow | Kadambari Srivastava is a Mumbai-based Entertainment journalist covering the TV and Web genre. As an independent writer, she has worked on multiple writing projects, from curating event scripts to launching product films. She has also covered various genres while in the field of writing, from beauty, fashion, travel, and entertainment to entertaining hardcore beats of the corporate and business worlds. She started off as a finance person pursuing Chartered Accountancy but realised midway that her calling lay in the world of words. Thus began her stint from IMBB, the biggest makeup beauty blog, which continued with her work at Nykaa, and then onwards to brands such as Bollywood Bubble, Filtercopy, Network18, JetWings, and more. Currently, she sips her tea in the comforts of her home and runs her own show as she pens down the latest entertainment news at DKODING.

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Enola Holmes Movie Trailer And The Mystery Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lawsuit

Even before the release of the film, the franchise is already dealing with a lawsuit filed by the Doyle Estate over copyright estate. The infringement has to do with Sherlock Holmes’ feeling. Read on to know the details!  Knock knock!…

Romance Or Bromance? Harry And Hermione Ship A Goldmine In Friendship Goals

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Walking Dead Season 11 Gets Tricked: No Halloween Release

Looks like ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 got tricked by the Halloween bug. The show will not be getting its next season in October, after all.