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Makers Drop Major Hint For Homeland Season 9

It is supposedly curtain’s call for Homeland with season 8 but the recent interview of co-creator Howard Gordon screams never say never. Scroll down to know what is in store for Homeland season 9. Highlights How Homeland season 9 will…

Big Bang Theory Spin-Off: After Young Sheldon Will Come Young Koothrappali

Fans of The Big Bang Theory are not over the hit sitcom and though Young Sheldon is airing, they want more. Next in line of the spin-off…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Cop Another Early Renewal With Season 9

Giving in to the uptick in ratings, NBC is considering renewing the cop comedy series Brooklyn 99 for season 9. Before that, scroll down…

Better Call Saul Season 6 Will End Better Than Breaking Bad

Will Better Call Saul Season 6 finale beat the stupendous finale episode of Breaking Bad? The best TV show ever made. Nobody can mess with…

Just Like Hopper, Alpha Is Alive And Kicking In Walking Dead

Taking inspiration from Duffer Bros “Alive-Hopper” tease, Angela Kang has kept under wraps the major plot twist that Alpha is actually…

Grace And Frankie Are The Latest Victims Of Coronavirus

Next in the line of victims of Coronavirus is the budding love between oldies Grace and Frankie on season 7.  Highlights  Love in the times of Coronavirus Forget the release dates of season 7 of Grace and Frankie Coronavirus kills…

Penny’s Real Surname In Big Bang Theory Revealed

Now we finally know what Penny Hofstadter real surname is and why no one in the whole course The Big Bang Theory called out her surname. Knowing the real reason behind hiding Penny’s surname, we can hope to see Penny’s surname theory track in Young Sheldon.

Lucifer Season 6 To Get Sexier With The Entry Of Count Dracula

Lucifer Morningstar enthralled us since the beginning of the series, now Count Dracula is coming to captivate you on Netflix’s Lucifer season 6. Wait for Count Dracula crossover with Lucifer Morningstar on Lucifer season 6

A Million Little Things Season 3 Release Date Confirmation

Showrunner Nash has mapped out the storyline for not just season 3 but full 5 seasons of A Million Little Things. Showrunner Nash has…

The Walking Dead Season 11 Continues Walking Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

The Walkers will not stop for anything, not even the Coronavirus, confirmed The Walking Dead (TWD) writers. TWD season 11 team stumbles…

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