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BoJack Horseman Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More

Why is Netflix considering the reboot of the critically-acclaimed comedy Bo Jack Horseman for season 7 after cancelling it? Rebooting a series like BoJack for season 7 can resurrect the “idea of Netflix”, a platform that started it all. The…

Yes, It’s Happening! 13 Reasons Why Season 5 Release Date Confirmation

The overwhelming response to the official trailer of 13 Reasons Why season 4 has driven the show creator to reconsider his past decision and reboot the series for a fifth season. Netflix original drama 13 Reasons Why was fated to…

The Wait Is Over! Family Guy Season 19 Release Date Confirmation

Season 19 will serve as the last season for ‘Family Guy’ on the Fox Network but will continue with NBC Universal for the seasons beyond. Fox has pulled the curtains for ‘Family Guy’ after announcing the renewal of season 19,…

TV’s James Bond, Tom Hiddleston, Finally Returns With The Night Manager Season 2

Tom Hiddleston, widely hyped as the new Bond, is finally returning to The Night Manager Season 2, the series that fuelled the “New Bond” theory. After 4 years, The Night Manager returns to AMC with season 2 and with the…

Lucifer Season 5 Ready To Roll On Netflix With A New Release Date

Lucifer season 5 is set to open the doors of the hell with new dates since the lockdown is delaying its release on Netflix. Highlights — Lucifer season 5 premiere delayed! When bad news surfaced with the good news of…

Homecoming Season 3 Returns With Julia Roberts To Recreate The Success

To keep up the title of the best Amazon series, ‘Homecoming’ season 3 will see the return of Julia Roberts in the new anthology format.

Two And A Half Men Is Back For Season 13 But Without Ashton Kutcher

CBS is rebooting Two and a Half Men for Season 13 but without Ashton Kutcher. It is obvious that Charlie Sheen won’t return, then who will?

Two Broke Girls Are Broke Forever: Season 7 Release Date Confirmation

Two Broke Girls is returning on CBS with season 7, but will it be yet another season for old jokes? Before you cheer up for the reboot of Two Broke Girls’ seventh season, let’s find out the formula behind the…

Nairobi Is Alive And Kicking In Money Heist Season 5

La Puta Ama Nairobi ditches death dramatically; returns alive on Money Heist Season 5. You heard it right. Nairobi is alive and is set to make a thunderous comeback on Money Heist season 5. It is time to wipe your…

CBS Revives Person Of Interest Along With The Big Bang Theory

CBS audiences could never let go of Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory. CBS has planned to quench their thirst by rebooting Person of Interest for season 6 and its longest-running series-The Big Bang Theory– for season 13.…

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