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The Wait Is Over! Modern Family Season 12 Confirmation

Those who can’t wait to know what happened on Modern Family in 13th episode of season 11, aired on 12th Feb on ABC, can quench their thirst.

Yes, It’s Happening! Daredevil Season 4 Confirmation

Daredevil alongside other Marvel TV counterparts The Defenders fell prey to cancellation spree ran by Netflix and with that ended …

Fans Rejoice As Orange Is The New Black Renewed For Season 8

If you want to know all about Orange Is The New Black season 8 you are at the right place Highlights Prospects of OITNB season 8 Spin-off is the new black Orange forever is black forever What’s your colour for…

The Wait Is Finally Over! Big Bang Theory Season 13 Confirmation Update

As Per Sheldon, Big Bang Theory Season 13 Cancellation Was Written In The Stars They came, they made the geeks and the nerds– COOL in pop culture. In the process they conquered the TV and it feels like yesterday since…

Mindhunter Is Not Done Hunting Minds: Coming Back With Season 3

Those who have watched season 1 and season 2 are eagerly waiting for Mindhunter season 3. But what’s with the news that Mindhunter season 3

Grace And Frankie Set To Make A Record On Netflix

Grace And Frankie was renewed for the 7th season in September 2019. There is no confirmation on filming and release date yet. …

Band Of Reluctant Superheroes Return To The Umbrella Academy With Season 3

The Umbrella Academy season 3 awaits Dysfunctional family of reluctant superheroes. What’s in store for the time-travelling assassins at….

Arrow Season 9: Another Way To Continue The Story

Arrow up for yet another spinoff? Oliver Queen is dead forever and there is no way he is coming back. CW’s hit series Arrow ended with season 8. Season 9 for Arrow is off the table. But the penultimate episode…

Good News Ryanverse! Jack Ryan Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

Amazon treated Jack Ryan fans this Halloween when it released Jack Ryan season 2 a day earlier than stipulated premier date. Can the Halloween treat be repeated when season 3 hits the floor?

House Of Cards Season 7 Already Underway

Is house of cards season 7 underway. Kevin spacey indirectly defends himself in cryptic Christmas video.

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