Ishan Gaba

Ishan Gaba

Ishan is an IT graduate who has always been passionate about writing poems and storytelling. The storyteller tells stories about everything he thinks should be brought in front of the world. He firmly believes that whosoever has a heart will have stories to tell. Then, not everybody tells those stories; they hide them in the deepest and the darkest corners of their hearts. So, it is the writer's and storyteller's work to bring those stories out whenever they come across one. A literary fanatic and a grammar Nazi from his college days looking forward to spreading his words to the maximum audience to make them feel the adrenaline he feels when he pens down those thoughts. Besides that, he loves to travel and try new cuisines where he goes. The food and travel blogger clicks everything that comes on his way. Ishan is an introvert unless he's researching, writing, and blogging.

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