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Education: Delhi University, Bachelors of Law (LL.B).; Allahabad University, Master of Arts (M.A.) in English Literature; Delhi University, Master of Arts in Philosophy. | HemRaj Singh is a Delhi-based trial lawyer, specializing in both civil and criminal trials, and writes mainly on law, policy, diplomacy and international relations. Apart from writing for DKODING and practicing law, he is Editor-at-Large with Lawyers Update, a monthly magazine on law and legal affairs, and was Legal Editor with Universal Law Publishing Company before he started practicing law.

John Bolton’s White House Memoir: The Book Trump Fears, Or Should

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s longest-serving National Security Advisor until fired in September 2019, paints a very unflattering picture of the President in his memoir describing him as “erratic,” “impulsive” and “stunningly uninformed”.

When Trump Realized That Defeat Is Inevitable

With his collar button undone along with his signature red tie, which hung loosely around his neck, and his crumpled MAGA hat in his right hand, which he switched to the left and back absentmindedly, he had returned from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where, he was greeted by a number no bigger than 6,200 at a venue with a seating capacity of 19,200.

The Contours And Context Of The Indo-China Border Dispute

No major military conflict has taken place between India and China since the Nathu La and Cho La clashes in September 1967. The current military confrontation is a sharp departure from a half-century-long stalemate on border issues despite differences over the exact demarcation of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), which is the apparent cause of the current conflict.

Reckless Statements And Lack Of Foresight Behind India’s Border Diplomacy Nightmare

The amendment by way of which Nepal has constitutionally declared the disputed territories to be its part is not only a setback to Indo-Nepal relations but is also a major diplomatic failure on India’s part. Reckless statements from the quarters that have no role to play and should have maintained complete silence on the issue have only worsened the situation.

Trump’s Futile War Against Twitter Reveals How Little He Knows The Law

Having been fact-checked and found wanting by Twitter, an incensed Trump, like the study in irony he is, tweeted his outrage threatening to “strongly regulate” or “close down” social media platforms, and railed, “clean up your act, NOW!!!”