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Hemraj Singh

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Education: Delhi University, Bachelors of Law (LL.B).; Allahabad University, Master of Arts (M.A.) in English Literature; Delhi University, Master of Arts in Philosophy. | HemRaj Singh is a Delhi-based trial lawyer, specializing in both civil and criminal trials, and writes mainly on law, policy, diplomacy and international relations. Apart from writing for DKODING and practicing law, he is Editor-at-Large with Lawyers Update, a monthly magazine on law and legal affairs, and was Legal Editor with Universal Law Publishing Company before he started practicing law.

Iran May Prove Harder Than Expected For Biden

If an IRGC man becomes the President of Iran in 2021, the US and the West are most likely to face a militarily aggressive Iran, in which case the US pursuit of peace with Iran, which has already suffered massive setbacks on account of Trump’s ill-advised actions together with the recent assassinations on Iranian soil, may slide well beyond reasonable expectations for the foreseeable future.

New Indian Farm Laws Undermine Democracy And Cooperative Federalism

The central government failed to build a nationwide consensus before enacting a national law with far-reaching ramifications, and thus failed to lead, and Parliament failed to enact a law consistent with the Constitutional norms of long standing.

The Frailties Of Normative Accountability That Trump’s Unpresidentiality Exposed

Trump’s presidency has exposed the weakness of the legal checks and balances meant to keep the president accountable, for many of them are simply norms with little legal force behind them.

Biden’s Victory: A Good Place To Begin Rebuilding America

It would be naive to overlook or underplay the pull Trump has with several sections of Americans, and that is where the problem lies.U

Erdoğan’s Ottoman Ambitions Make Nagorno-Karabakh A Ticking Time Bomb With Global Reach

The Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict is hardly new, the degree of the current escalation certainly is. Turkey’s active involvement in the conflict — in consonance with its aggressive foreign policy — is fueling the fire, making the expansion of the conflict beyond Nagorno-Karabakh more and more likely.

Trump Or Biden, Skewed Balance Against Black America Worsens

Trump is neither the only nor the worst that African-Americans are up against in the US. He is just one of the heftier cards in a deck heavily loaded against the people of color.

Why India’s New Farm Bills Reflect A Constitutional Crisis

In pushing the bills through, the Deputy Chairman Harivansh was acting not only in contravention of the settled rules of procedure, but also against the very raison d’etre of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. And thus against the very fundamentals of constitutional democracy in India.

Expert Speak: Law Enforcement’s Pursuit Of Brute Vengeance Against The ‘Bullet’ Gang

If the Bikru massacre brought the criminal-politician-nexus into sharp focus, what followed revealed either a lawless pursuit of vengeance by the UP Police, or its complete lack of competence. A closer look at the purported crackdown on the Dubey gang, also called the “Bullet Gang”, and the disturbing scenario emerges in no time. In the second part of this three-part series we look at the disturbing development.

The Shootout That Exposed India’s Age-Old Criminal-Police-Politician Nexus

For as scary and dark a tale as this, it has a generous dash of humour, mostly the kind that might make one smile and cringe at the same time as the real-life ramifications of what went down sink in, unless of course, one is naive enough place their faith in the deadly brand of police-administered selective justice.

Indo-China Border Standoff: Disengagement Meaningless Without Status Quo Ante

From the Indian perspective, the Chinese intruded deep into the Indian side of the LAC and have now receded to some extent, which still leaves quite a bit of Indian territory beneath their feet. The position would get frozen and become the new LAC, if total disengagement is not immediately followed by a complete reversion to status quo ante. But to get China to agree to that would be far more difficult for India than bringing about a de-escalation.