Harshdeep Singh Kohli

Editor Managing Business and Technology

Education: B. Com. from University of Delhi, PGDM from Global Institute of Business Management, Pune | Harshdeep Singh Kohli is the in-house business expert at DKODING Media. With more than a decade of experience formulating winning strategies for businesses, Harsh has developed a keen eye to analyze major developments in the business world and forecast trends. From startups to conglomerates, he holds an authority on how businesses are run and what makes them successful.

Lark Communications — Shaping The Social During Distancing

Interview with Vinay Bhartia, India Head, Lark communications on the companies vision and strategy for business in the post-pandemic world

Global Sex Recession — Was Courtesy Technology And NOW Coronavirus Alert

Despite the shockingly vast exposure to adult movies, today’s generation is actually having less sex as compared to their grandparents. Not the best image to start with but certainly a compelling realisation. Not very surprising though considering that people in…

Mukesh Ambani’s Hybrid Strategy For ‘Amazon-Killer’ JioMart

Mukesh Ambani-led RIL’s new arm JioMart will take on Amazon and Flipkart but with a different warehousing-less strategy aided by a tech acquisition spree.

Why Ritesh Agarwal’s Mark Zuckerberg Obsession Is Both The Crust And Core Of Oyo’s Problems?

It’s not surprising that on multiple occasions the young Indian entrepreneur, Ritesh Agarwal has been compared (and has reveled in that) to a “Young and Brash” Mark Zuckerberg.

Delhi Govt’s Financial Performance Best In The Country

No other government has been scrutinized as much as AAP’s Delhi government. But a final endorsement of the CM Arvind Kejriwal-led visionary and economic governance comes from India’s Auditor-in-Chief CAG.